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So I have a $20 credit on Amazon (thanks Fable III!) and was thinking about getting Dead Rising. Gameplay I've seen looks really fun, but everybody mentions the save system is terrible. Can someone explain the save system to me, and why there's a timer on all the videos I'm looking at?

Dead Rising is at about $11 on Amazon, so I was thinking about getting that and putting the rest of my credit on Test Drive. I know there are Dead Rising fans here, but I really don't know much about this game at all, so any insight would be appreciated.

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Don't buy it. I bought it because I was curious and I don't see the appeal in the game at all. If it actually controlled well then maybe it could be good, but it doesn't. The game has a large list of faults and the only reason it gets so much praise is because it involves the massacre of of zombies using silly things like wheelchairs. The game will only frustrate you and it's not worth the amount your paying. If you want a zombie game, just get Left 4 Dead or something.

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It is an awesome game.  There are, however, design choices that are pretty far outside the cookie cutter guidelines of most games.  This has caused a great divide between those who love it, and those who hate it.  You won't really know for sure without trying it.

Also, one major point: do not play and attempt to "beat" the game on your first playthrough.  This is one of the things that caused problems for some.  You must "build up" your character's stats and get a good sense of how the game plays/what you're supposed to do & when you're supposed to do it.  If you run headlong through the game at first crack, expect much frustration.

It is a zombie game. I'd say don't bother with it.

I thought the first one was a lot of fun, but I wouldn't bother with the second. I played my cousin's and it was almost unplayable to me, with all the endless load times and cutscenes.

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Dead Rising, the only game I spent 1:00 hour total since last May.

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I think I'm going to try the trial of Case Zero and hopefully that'll be a pretty good barometer of how it plays. Though I do wonder how much Capcom will let me play since it's only $5.

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Dead Rising is totally detached from common videogame conventions.

So it's definitely a love or hate thing. Giving a try before you go is a wise decision.

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A very boring repeitive franchise, buy something else. For a zombie game, it still beats Left4Dead though, but not by much.

I liked it but I can remember being frustrated a lot of the time.  You had to be at certain places at certain times or you could lose the game or miss out on entire sections of the game.  Plus the map was confusing.  On top of that, you level up as you play--but you never level up enough to beat the game in your first playthrough.  Luckily, when you continue, you keep your new skillz.  Despite it's quirks (donMt get me started on the braindead people you have to save) I still couldn't get enough of it.  

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