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we have a lot of popular first-person shooters launching, Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black ops are perhaps the most highly anticipated, but which will do better in terms of sales?


For me I think that it is a no-brainer that Black Ops will follow in Modern Warfare 2′s footsteps and sell very well, perhaps it will even outsell MW2, however Stephen McGill (the Director of Xbox and Entertainment for Microsoft in the UK believes otherwise.

He suggests that so far 34 million people have previously purchased a Halo video game, and all of these will want to buy Halo: Reach, despite being a Halo fan I disagree.

In terms of Xbox 360 sales it could be pretty close, however Black Ops will be coming to more than just the Xbox 360 so overall it will easily sell more in my opinion.

Personally I feel that the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops will outsell Halo: Reach, do you?

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Call of duty has more appeal on foreign markets, so yeah. 

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On the xbox alone, Halo: Reach will reign supreme as first person shooter. It's Halo afterall, Halo is about as heavily associated with Xbox 360 as Steve jobs is associated with Turtle Necks and re-releasing the same product over and over again. There are few reasons why Halo: Reach wouldn't sell as much as Black Ops, and most of them involve the apocolypse when I think aobut it.

However, since Black Ops is being released on everything 7th generation and perhaps more (I'm waiting for Call of Duty: Black ops. Stove edition, for the gamer makin' dinner). Without a doubt Black ops will sell more.

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Black Ops on the 360 will most likely do better than Halo Reach.

Black Ops will take this one, and likely by next year.


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CGI-Quality said:

Black Ops will take this one, and likely by next year.

I actually think Black Ops will outsell Halo Reach within 2-3 weeks of its release.

black ops will sell more

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Black Ops

 Black Ops before Christmas definitely

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