Do Video Games Lead to Violence?

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Do Video Games Lead to Violence?

Yes 5 8.47%
No 19 32.20%
Depends on the game 2 3.39%
Depends on the individual's mental stability 30 50.85%
Other (please explain) 3 5.08%

Hello fellow Vgchaterz!!!

As gamers, I think we hear this question many times; Do video games lead to violence?

I am doing a speech for my public speaking class on Video Games; and if they do or do not cause violence in kids and adults, since I missed my chance to conduct a survey in my class I thought it would be nice to hear from actual gamers and their opinions on this matter.

also, if you have any evidence supporting your claims please provide links(optional) I will be surveying this poll until Monday since that is when my speech is due(if my threads last that long,lol)


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so everybody says no.

it can depend on the mental stability. you also have to want to kill someone; nothing nor noone can make you.

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I feel the need to punch something when I suck at playing.

Yes, videogames lead to violence.


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I have broken 3 nes controllers.. back in the times when games were actually hard.. I just snapped them out of anger.. so yes


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no.. at least not directly.

Gaming can lead to agression which can lead to violence.

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really there area alot of kids,people who play violent games that are bullied by others. Why because they get want to pretend they are big powerful beings and re enact murdering there bully/ies or be someone they are not right now. But if they do reach the stage of murdering there bully/ies that is because  they made his life so hard. 

But the serial killers who play games are already serial killer before playing and after playing. When i play Manhunt i dont get the will to start hacking up people. maybe thats just me 

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SmokedHostage said:

no.. at least not directly.

Gaming can lead to agression which can lead to violence.

that's deep man, like the Yoda refernce. But you forgot that "indulged suffering" comes after violence... :D

MARCUSDJACKSON's right, it comes from the mental instability and this coincide with what mchaza said.

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If my friend cheap-shots me with a blue shell, beats me, then rubs my nose in it, you can damn well bet i'll get violent :P

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Smashed keyboards and broken controllers? Oh yes. Violence as a direct result of simply having played videogames? No.

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