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I'm ashamed for my fellow countrymen.... :(


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Yow Gametrailers! 9.3! U jus losst all credibibibillities! dur dur dur! Wow, it's rather difficult to come off sounding as moronic as some GT forum members. Credit to you guys for making it look so easy.

Keep up the great work ioi crew! You guys providing such a great service for free for all us is greatly appreciated.

GT has the most amount of fanboys on the whole interwebz.

So much that even the mods can't handle it. Glad I stopped posting there some years ago.

ioi said:
ethomaz said:
ioi said:

Sell in - the number of units sold by a company to retail = what companies report.

Sell through - the number of units sold by retail to consumers = what VGChartz reports.

It really isn't that difficult.

Ok. But some games had no EMEAA sales reported here and others the gap between Sell in and through is so big or Sell through > Sell in (that's impossible).

Maybe some adjustments are necessary.

The OP is talking about hardware sales (I presume). Yes, there are plenty of games in the database with regional sales missing for a particular region.

a few things

1) I seriously love this page. I love sales, i love the info, i love the effort youre making

2) I can't understand how you were tracking PS3 sales in EMEAA half of real sales in past weeks

3) I can't understand how 360 soft sales are spot on with shipped games and PS3, wii and ds dozens millions below. If there have to be a big gap between shipped and sold (those numbers you told us about 30k stores) why the problem with 360 software then?

4) surely ps2 sales in some countries are hard to track but why you are not making adjustments like with the ps3? Its really more difficult or less of a matter because ps2 is older?. And what about psp? I can't understad a gap of this kind between shipped and sold

5) thank you about not closing this thread. It tells about your constructive point of view

6) i'd like to see old graphs like thar about aligned sales from launch? Are you working in take all of this back to the new web?

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And now everyone is laughing at you.  Good job!!!!!

Should we really care what GT.com forum users think about VGChartz? Simple answer: no.

Actually I think that GameTrailers has one of the worst communities I've ever seen, therefore I couldn't care less what these guys think.

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My only problem with this site's numbers are the adjustments.  When the numbers are off a little, OK, but when they're off a lot and the only way to correct them is after the big three release their numbers, or by running with NPD's numbers, it makes this site look like a Mickey Mouse operation that is easily dismissed by other communities.  Case in point: the huge PS3 adjustment in others for the past several weeks.  I remember looking at the others numbers at the start of the week whenb PS3 was at 90k-ish, at the end of the week, that had skyrocketed to, what 155k?  With the new adjustments, the weekly others looks nothing at all like it was being portrayed on this site previously, hence, it's really easy to point at VGZ's numbers, laugh, and call them a joke.

I have a question, are South America numbers tracked? Games like God of War sold probably more than 100k only in Brazil... And 70 million software on shelves makes no sense, its not like game stores around the world are the same size of the US ones.

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