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I just finished God of War: Ghost of Sparta and at the end we see Kratos carrying his dead brother Diemos to a grave that the grave digger had already made...exactly who is the "grave digger" character?

we first see him in the first God of War digging a hole  knowing that Kratos would later use/need it escape Hades, and now in Ghost of Sparta; we see him in "The Realm of Death" a place feared by mortal/gods/sisters of fate/ and titans diggin a hole for both Diemos and Kratos's mother. Not only that, we get this creepy message after the end credits where we see a video of the grave digger burying Kratos's mother and he says something in the lines of "two down, one to go"

exactly who is this guy? he obviously is not mortal, I use to think he was Zeus(is he?) doesn't seem to be bound by the sisters of fate as he seems also knows about the future, well at least Kratos's future.(that's why I think/thought he was Zeus)

so if you know or think you know, please answer my question, and thanks.

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It is Zues

oh!! ok then I was right!!! thanks

i don't think it was zeus... but oh well guess i was wrong lmao.

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