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Order Model Title Brand Release Date Unit sales Total unit sales
1 GOD eater burst Namco 10/10/28 263,150 263,150
2 World Soccer Winning Eleven 2011 KONAMI 10/10/28 215,257 215,257
3 Super Mario Collection Pack Nintendou 10/10/21 119,485 427,240
4 Pokemon Black/White Pokemon 10/09/18 68,686 4,311,998
5 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Nintendou 10/10/28 46,516 46,516
06 Kirby's Epic Yarn Nintendou 10/10/14 25,257 153,170
07  Solatorobo CODA (including Limited Edition) Namco 10/10/28 21,915 21,915
08 Fable III (including Limited Edition) Microsoft 10/10/28 20,025 20,025
09 Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Storm 2 Namco 10/10/21 19,090 82,765
10 Wii Party (including Bundle) Nintendou 10/07/08 17,337 1,155,964
11 Dream Club Portable
D3 Publisher 10/10/28 15,181 15,181
12 Hakuouki: Reimeiroku(including Limited Edition) IDEA 10/10/28 14,864 14,864
13 Da Capo I & II Plus Situation portable (including Limited Edition) Kadokawa Shoten 10/10/28 14,256 14,256
14 Vanquish Sega 10/10/21 14,042 62,360
15 Lord of Arkana Square Enix 10/10/14 12,056 106,928
16 Three Kingdoms Romance dreams Yeti 10/10/28 9,887 9,887
17 Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Square Enix 10/10/07 9,405 151,153
18 My Wife
IDEA 10/10/28 8,369 8,369
19 Medal of Honor Electronic Arts 10/10/21 8,260 33,625
20 Beat Sketch! (including Bundle) SCE 10/10/21 7,130 29,295

PS3 - 5
PSP - 5
NDS - 4
WII - 3
360 - 2
PS2 - 1

Hardware sales:

Model Unit sales
PSP 38,874
DSi LL 32,137
PS3 28,255
DSi 23,614
Wii 12,710
DS Lite 3,375
PSP go 3,031
Xbox 360 2,669
PS2 1,400

source - http://www.4gamer.net/games/117/G011794/20101102060/

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PS Move boost is a week late ?

Looks like Winning Eleven did wonders for PS3? Looks like Move made no dent in Japan at all?

Not sure who/what caused the boost.


Golden Sun less than half what the preview expected :S those are not good sales for the game at all.
Vanquish will probably reach 100k, I wouldn't call that a bomb.

Wii at extremely low levels, and should be going down a bit more next week. DS almost at 60k, impressive, it will obviously outsell the original GB family to become the best selling system in Japan.

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Another good week for the ps3 :)

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Super Mario Collection had a strong second week, selling more than either of the Galaxy games did in their second week. I'm glad the game is doing well, but I'd rather see the Kirby and Mario Collection numbers reversed. Golden Sun did quite poorly also.

Sony had a good week with big games for both systems. Winning Eleven did a good job giving a boost to PS3 hardware. Only one Move game in the top 20 is not too enocuraging for the success of the device in Japan. The price cut gave the PSP Go a big % increase, but the numbers are still far from impressive.

PSP Go is massive.

Or not...

Look at those PSP Go numbers. :)

18 Bride is my daughter IDEA 10/10/28 8,369 8,369

what the hell,this game call "My Wife:a wife just for you"

Is this following the psp go price cut?

Im surprised Move didnt boost in Japan, thought they would have been all over it.

Doesnt bode well for the already slim chances for Kinect over there.


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