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That's a very significant undertracking if true - and it probably is. Can't wait for NPD figures...

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I have to say there must be truth in it. It's very untimely for MS to make BS statements considering NPD is going to be released in a few days.

Hmmm, I would actually say that they are talking about shipped numbers. And not sold.

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Come on Rukusa, and what, they undertrack Halo 3??? Mass Effect is far from 600000, dont know if its a mil, but it deserves to be there. The truth is always in the middle. Stop buying shit people, and buy games whish worth their money!!!

If it do 100K in NA this week
it will be at .66 m
very far

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Mass Effect is fantastic and I'm glad it's selling well. I don't really care on the precise sale numbers atm, I'm just glad it has legs. More people to enjoy the game the better.

I new Mass Effect was severely undertracked. Love ioi's work though.

Xbox.com forums - Mass Effect is one of the busiest forums.

Local Ebay store - Mass Effect shelves basically untouched
Local Future Shop - Sold out on Friday, restocked on Saturday
Local Best Buy - No clue, they keep their new games behind the counters.

Personally I don't think Mass Effect is doing any better then IOI's numbers. Its doing ok, but definetly not 1 million sold.

I wonder how IOI feels that Microsoft released a press release just to rebuked his numbers. This all started when the mods on masseffect.com commented on vgchartz numbers.

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Glad to hear this. The game deserves it...

from bioware forums..


Yep, we have very pleased at the response Mass Effect has recieved from critics and fans, and the sales of the game have reflected that.

Mass Effect has sold more than one million units worldwide in less than three weeks, making it the fastest selling RPG on Xbox and Xbox 360 and the fastest selling RPG on the current generation of video game consoles.

So to all those people who were a little concerned with Mass Effect's sales, or how it was marketed before release or anything along those lines, I'll just say that we're really happy with how things have gone so far.

Thanks to all you great ME fans out there. Keep it up. You know what makes a great holiday gift? Socks. But besides socks, Mass Effect is the next best thing.

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