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Just turned on the slim and bang... big update.

Even though it is a big one, it is as speedy as ever.

Looks great!  I like!


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finally a good looking Dashboard, Love It :D

I've been on it for a couple of hours; now.  I would've made the thread but my gf won't get off of the PC.  I like it, I guess.  I preferred the cascading look of the old, and now, half the screen for some of the premium themes are empty--but the old cheap themes work well again.


The ESPN and Netflix options are a big plus.  Loving the new sound effects, etc, too.  

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much sharper, i like it a lot more.

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Anything other than a new skin I should be excited about as one of her majesties loyal servants.


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Going to get New Vegas in a bit... Will see it when I pop that in

there appears to be quite a few "sub" updates to download too, so far I have;


The new zune movie interface is FAR better than the old one.

And zune music is finally there! sweet service.

Last Fm:

Much better looking interface






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kowenicki said:

Just turned on the slim and bang

That's what she said!

I'm at work right now. Will update when I get home. I really like the new aesthetic from what I've seen in vids. Can you see full wallpapers now or is half of it still cut off because of the horizon? I can't seem to remember from the vids I watched.

I updated Netflix and toyed around with that for a bit.  I wasn't patient enough to stand by for a Zune update since I barely use the Zune section.  The update seems to be geared towards making the system appear family friendly.  I bet MS wishes they could name the console something other than the harcore sounding "Xbox", too. 

Has anyone tested the new voice codec?  Does it sound a lot clearer?

--And, on a side note:  I jumped up this morning and started viewing my Achievements.  I realized that I had about two levels left in 'Splosion Man so I polished that game off.  I didn't get the Achievement for finishing the single player campaign!  Update issue or game issue?  To the Gamerscore thread, Batman!

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Sky Player update too

again.. just a much nicer interface.


Obviously all things Kinect are now here too...

Its quite clear the new interface is designed very much with Kinect in mind, just perfect for those minority report style swipes of the hand.

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