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Lol what a night... wasn't expecting this many people.. and had great surprise when I got there...

 Plus lucky lucky people won some fantastic signed stuff which I didn't get... 

ggrrrr if the pic insert is working properly I will add pictures






To my surprise some of the Lionhead developers turned up to sign stuff and they signed my copy and I also got free fable III goody bag XD


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Very cool :) I think it's going to sell very well, my girlfriend is loving the game.  I can't play it yet because she's hogging the Xbox :/

Fable 2 is one of the few games she's ever played to the end.

I love that Louise lady! and who is the hunk standing next to her!

I would have gone but London is just a little tooo far for me


Wow. Signed copy too?

Lucky Bastard!

Nice man!  How you liking Fable 3?

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yo_john117 said:

Nice man!  How you liking Fable 3?

it's good now that I spent a bit more time on it... takes a while to get used too but I miss the old menus..


I forgot to mention one guy who was first in the queue waited since 8.20am and they gave him a special Fable III 360 Slim console...

Plus I would have loved to have won some of the signed peter molyneux Fable III posters and signed art books.. but oh well Signed game and free T-shirt plus Fable III goodies was still good enough XD



Looks great!