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Before starting to read i would like to say that there will be a lot of spoiler about the FF games in this thread. So now let's start with my story with Final Fantasy. I try to list the game in the order i played them

1)My story began with FF 1 from the nintendo. I was really amazed by this game and quickly became one of my fav game on the best with Metroid, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Double Dragon and others. I really loved the quests and the fact that the more u fight the stronger u get.

2)Years later i was able to get FF2 for the SNES (FF IV in reality) and this was like the first game i have ever played to actually start like a movie. The songs, the themes,  the attack, the airships, the betrayals, the companion sacrifycing themselves for your survival. This game was at that time the best game i have ever played

3)When i heard FF III was out on the SNES (FF VI in reality), i knew i had to go get that game no matter because FF IV was just too amazing. The Terrah theme was amazing. In the beginning i was wondering what is going on, because i had no clue what i was doing. Just sent to a village to only fight a weird bird in ice. That actually make me really curious.  After playing for a while this game had already became my fav game ever. Controlling people from different places so that they can meet together, only to loose everyone again to start alone. That was the best thing in this game for me.

4) And then come the best selling FF ever, FF VII. I mean this game started right with the action, there was no break at all, just running and killing soldier. This game was also the most surprising FF ever for me in a sense that "things are never what they seem to be". I thought Shinra was the bad guy only to find him dead at his office. Had to take a chocobo to cross some plains because of snake to realise that Sephirot kills those snakes like he was killing some rats.  Wondering who would Cloud choose in the end of the game: Aeris or Tifa, only to see Aeris killed by Sephirot(One of the most suprising moment in video games for me). And some other suprising moments.

5) And then FF VIII came with thoses amazing graphics (at that time please) but the game was ok, once u get Squall lionheart, it become pretty much easy. And then FF IX a lot of nice cinematics, also felt like watching a movie, but the difficulty was definitely there. I think FF VIII was a bit too easy, but FF IX was challenging and the story was better than VIII

6) Now FF X. And i was like: "FINAL FANTASY is BACK". this game was amazing. U had a whining tidus who becomes a man, Auron was my fav character. Lulu a silent but deadly black magic user, Wakka who just talks to much and Yuna with the crazy Summons. Sorry for the kimarhi and Rikku fan, just cant find what to say about them. The puzzles in the temple was great, story was more than great. Love the fighting, love the sphere grid, i have no complaint about this one.

7)Well after that comes FF X-2, it was a challenging FF but the story was just too boring. And then came FF XII, the only FF that i haven't restarted playing after finishing it. The game was ok, but there is no replay value in this one, once u finish it, u go for some more hunt then that is it. So far i can't tell who was the leader in this game. Summon where useless, never had to call one execpt to open a certain door. I m not saying the game was bad, but for a 3 to 4 years wait, they could have done a much better job

8) Now for FF XIII, this game is a mix of the best FFs ever made in my opinion (FF IV+VI+VII+X). It's FF IV beginning because u once served those people you are fighting against and believe what they were doing was the right things. Its FF VI development because you played with parties from different part of the world only to meet again and form a unique party till the end. It's FF VII because Lightning looks so much like the female version of Cloud. Well FF X sphere grid came back and was called crystalium grid. The story was good, the game was also challenging (hard to believe someone beat it without ever upgrading his crystalium grid). But i felt to game was to short. Will be restarting it again for sure, just don't have the time now.

So this is my story with the Final Fantasy franchise, let me hear yours or comment on mine.

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I'm relatively new to FF, starting with III DS in 2007.

I then played IV DS, I & II GBA, Tactics Advance, V GBA, VI GBA, VII, Tactics, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XI, XII, XIII and now Tactics A2.

My favourite is easily VI, followed by IV DS.

I started with FFVI, I was about 10 or 11 when I got the game and just old enough to really enjoy it. From there I didn't play FFVII until probably 1999, as I adopted the n64 early and didn't get a PS1 until a year or so later. I blew through FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX and at that point looked back to the ones I had missed before FFVI. I adopted the PS2 early, and played FFX but to me it was the first of many let downs from Square. I got FFXI for the PS2 and hated every minute of it, I quit FFX-2 3 hours in. FFXII I completed, but I've always considered it Vagrant Story 2. I won't be playing any more FFs.

I've finished IV and VI on the SNES , VII-VIII-IX on the PS1, X and XII on the PS2(not X-2,I found it horrible),then finished V on an emulator and XIII on the PS3.I've played I,II and III for a few hours each and I don't even want to touch the MMOs.

IV,VI,VII,VIII,IX and XII are great games Imo.V and X are very good and XIII is just ok.My Favorite is VII (Materia system = countless possibilities)

Loved it.. started to hate it.. went on to search better jrpgs..


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0. My dad had a copy of Final Fantasy 3 AKA Final Fantasy 6 that I used to watch him play......I loved seeing him play, the music and so on. But I was very young so I didn't understand the story, but the music remained in my head forever. Now years later I would play it myself....

1. My epic journey began with FF7. It was the first time I had played a game like it, I was completely sucked into it, the characters, the story, the world, the music and everything. That game made me a FF fan .

2. Next came Final Fantasy 8........now this was an odd scenario, I played FF7 and FF8 years after they came out, around 1999. Now FF was very popular then and these kids in my school bashed FF8 non-stop and proclaimed FF7 to be the best thing ever. So when I went into playing FF8 I went with a mind set that it was going to "suck". BUT IT DIDN'T......I liked it, not as much as FF7 but still I thought it was as an ok game. It was too different from FF7.

3. Final Fantasy IX......the first time I got a FF game on release day! And I liked it a lot, but again it didn't live up to FF7 and was very different from FF8 or FF7. Thats when I realized every Final Fantasy is going to be different and its best to accept it as such. That helped me enjoy FF9 more, I liked it more than FF8 at least!

4. Now difficult times came, I got a Gamecube instead of a PS2.....so I couldn't play FFX. BUT I found Final Fantasy 6 Advance for the GBA in stores.....and my Gamecube had a GBA player, so I thought I could play it on the TV, which I did. Little did I know I was about to have the best Final Fantasy experience of my life, something that hasn't been matched to this day. FF6 was awe-inspiring, the best game I had ever played, topping FF7 by a long way and every other FF to that point. I loved the characters, the story, the music, the setting, the villain. What didn't I love about this game?

4. Eventually I did get a Ps2 in 2006 and I played Final Fantasy X..........I had heard many things about the game from friends, some said it was too girly, some said too linear, some said awesome, some said unforgattable....in the end for me it was another amazing experience. The music, the battle system, the story, most things gelled with me and it became my favorite Final Fantasy after FF6. The series could do no wrong, I got FFX-2 at once!

5. Final Fantasy X-2.......what to say about this game. I didn't like it, I had a hard time believing I didn't like it, but I disliked what they did to Yuna and the other characters, the battle system was the fun part. Overall I was let down, this is not how I wanted to remember FFX, one of my favorite Final Fantasy games!

6. Then came 2007 and Final Fantasy XII ......could the game be better than FFX-2 and calm my worries? The internet didn't help with the negative talk after its Japanese and NA release. In the end I liked Final Fantasy XII a lot, it is my weakest Final Fantasy that I have completed but the important thing was I liked it. The game felt very different from rest of the pack but it had its own strengths and had its own style. It is probably the best written game in the entire series.

7. I got a DS soon after and I got got Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy III for it. FFIV was amazing, and shot straight up to the high ranks in my top FF games list. It had a special charm about it.

8. Final Fantasy III I did not think much of, it got so boring I left it mid way through to play Dragon quest V (which is amazing). FF3 comes from a time very different from now, maybe thats why I didn't like it much.

9. Now I rebought FF7 and FF8 on PSN......this time however I loved FF8 much more than FF7. In fact I got bored of FF7 half way through and moved on to FF8 and got sucked into it like never before. Why did this happen? I do not know. But the simple reality was 10 years ago I liked FF7 much more than FF8, but now its the other way round.

10.. Now we come to Final Fantasy XIII, my most hyped game this generation behind GTA4 and MGS4.....it turned out to be another amazing experience that shot right up in my best FF's list.......and much better than X-2 or XII, the most recent FF's. I loved everything from the cast to the music, art direction, setting, battle system.....so many things were done well in this game. Before launch was a difficult time to be hyped for FFXIII, could it be another GTA4-esque disappointment for me....luckily it wasn't and is my favourite game this gen behind the best game of all time, Metal Gear Solid 4.

11. A few months ago I wanted to get Final Fantasy XIV but the negative reviews and university work load stopped me, I may get the PS3 version. I am shocked at the metacritic score of the game, its surprising how this has come to pass. Someone needs to be taught a big lesson over this, the game should have been left to bake for longer.

12. Now we come to the future......Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII both look extremely promising, and Final Fantasy XV can't be more than 2 years away!

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Some of my earliest gaming memories are playing final fantasy ix with my dad (when I was about 5) and i've been absolutely obsessed ever since!

Hmmm, let's see where i go with this one.

1)One boring and wintry night in Winter 2008, i had an urge to play some classic SNES games..mostly RPGs since i had held Breath of Fire 1 as my all-time favorite RPG and it was the only SNES RPG i had own back when i was a child. I had a craving for some good RPGs to play on SNES and a quick google search led me to Chrono Trigger. Chrono Trigger for me was amazing and i fell completely in love with the ATB battle system which led the SquareSoft brand to get very well recognized to me.

2) After i beat Chrono Trigger it expanded my love for the JRPG genre even further. Another quick google search led me to Final Fantasy 6 SNES. Now, i had heard the game Final Fantasy numerous times in my childhood growing up but for some reason it never really interested me. The graphical Chibi character sprites in FF6 turned me off about the game and i had remember this game back in 1994 when i used to watch my older cousins playing it. The popularity of Final Fantasy 6 made me very very very curious to try and give it a chance. Liittle did i know that the game that i had absolutely 0 interest in playing, became my BEST game ever in existance. I gave Final Fantasy 6 a try and as soon as i saw Terra , Biggs , and Wedge climbing up the snowy mountain scenery, i was completely hooked. The quality and feel of this game hit me right outside my head and i knew i was in for an EPIC journey. FF6 gave me an experience i'll never forget. It was the first game to made me care and feel for the situation the characters were in. So much emotion is packed into one single cartridge that i thought was unbelievable.  This game made me a die hard Final Fantasy fan.

3) After i was done with Final Fantasy 6, i wanted MORE. I started to play the numbered series one by one. After 6 i went to Final Fantasy 4 and it was amazing. Characters like Rydia, Rosa, Edge, Kain, and Cecil are just unforgettable. The music on both 6 and  4 was so amazing, that i actually search the composer of the series and since then i became a Nobuo Uematsu fan.

4) Next was FF 5. Another game that i didn't regret on wasting hours of my lifetime playing. It was just amazing. The job ability was brilliant. I had expected a love story at first and was pretty dissapointing it didn't have one for me...but the characters and Gilgamesh were just too awesome that made it up for me.

5) FF5 then led me to Final Fantasy VII. Now since i came very late into the Final Fantasy Scene, i didn't have a PSOne to play it on. I then found out it had a PC version, and then decided to play it there. Final Fantasy was one of the BEST if not the most heart-whrenching interested game i had ever played. This game kept me into the story so dang well, that i thought i was watching a movie with all this CG cutscenes and all of it's Plot twists. Aerith became my favorite JRPG heroine next to Terra and Nina (BoF 1) and thought her and Cloud were perfect for each other. When Aerith died by the hands of Sephiroth, never would i thought i would cry so much in a video game. That moment has become something special in my life. It was like if i had seen a loved one , get murdered in front of my eyes. Powerful moments, and amazing plot twist made this game to be one of the greatest games ever made only behind  Final Fantasy 6.

6) Next after the epicness that was FF7. I decided to play FF8. At first this game was a bit weird to me because of the new way of leveling up and because i didn't really understand the Junction system and how it worked. I had figured out how the game played and bcame hooked. Junctioning led to so many possibilities. Limit breaks in this game were astounding. The graphics, CG, and summons blew my mind away as well as the story. The ball scene between Rinoa and Squall made me into believing this game had a love story (my fav) which imediately amazed me and boy what a great love story it was. Had a lot of fun with this one and i plan on beating it again pretty soon :)

7) And at last came Final Fantasy IX. At first, i had a distasteful pleasure iin playing this game because of the kiddy character designs. It was too different from i had previously played (6, 4, 5, 7, 8) and it was set in a weird setting. I decided not to judge without playing it and give it a shot. To no surprised, i was hooked. Everything in the beggining of the story drew me in. From the Plot twist, love story, comedy, and disaster. This game had it all. Not to mention one of the best endings i have ever seen in a JRPG featuring the hero and heroine showing their love and feelings for each other.

There goes my journey with Final Fantasy. It has been a great one full of surprises and incredible moments. As time had passed, Final fantasy has changed a lot and have stopped playing them recently. But for the rest of my life, i will hold (6,5,4,7,8 and 9) in a pedestal as one best video games i have ever played and i'm happy i started with the right one with Final Fantasy 6.

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1. Started with FFVII: It was my first RPG ever and the story, world and characters just sucked me in. It took a little while to get used to turn-based combat, but the first 3-4 hours of story intense Midgar are some of my favourite moments of gaming. I actually borrowed the game from my friend for a weekend and got up to Kalm (where Cloud tells his story) and dreaded handing the game back. I ended up buying it the following Tuesday. Everything that followed was superb. I was doing my GCSEs (UK exams) at the time so my PS1 was taken away whilst I revised so it wook me much longer to complete than it should have, but I still made sure I explored and did everything the game had to offer.

2. FFVIII: I was really hyped for this and I quite enjoyed it. The story was a bit sappy and convoluted, but overall it was a good game. Became far too easy with the Junction system though and again I did everything the game had to offer. Unfortunately it just wasn't that challenging and the story was just way too romantic and sappy for my tastes.

3. FFIX: At the time the art-style, characters (except maybe Vivi) and fantasy setting were not really my thing. I enjoyed what I played and it had some brilliant moments, but it felt like a step back by going to a fantasy setting as opposed to the sci-fi cyberpunk world. Still enjoyed it, but would probably appreciate it more now (as I'm more into fantasy).

During 2 and 3 I also played FFIV-VI ROMs on ZSNES.

4. FFVI & Anthology: After I got a PS2, I noticed that FFIV-VI had been re-released in PS1 with FMVs so I bought them praising the backwards compatability whilst rueing the long load times. Played them for a while but newer games prevented me from completing any of the SNES games. Still think FFVI is one of the best JRPGs created.

5. FFX: Again, really hyped for this. Heard complaints about the lack of a world map and linearity but I didn't think it suffered too badly. It actually isn't that linear, it just doesn't have the illusion of freedom the previous games had due to the lack of a world map. Found a few characters annoying, but overall I thought it was very cool (especially Auron), and the graphics at the time were brilliant. The story was enjoyable, although not the best. Also, Blitzball was awesome :P

6. FFX-2: Hated it. Took the serious story and gave it a bizzare sequel. Gameplay-wise it wasn't that bad, but so many other aspects completely ruined it.

7. FFXII: Took a while for me to get into, and when I did it didn't flow as well as the previous (not X-2) games. I actually quite liked the setting and I thought the story could have worked well, I just didn't think they did a good job of conveying the story and some of the characters were just out of place. I mostly enjoyed it but it was a case of unfulfilled potential.

8. FFXIII: Another case of unfulfilled potential on top of development hell. People complained about FFX being linear but this was complete linearity. It started slow, but got quite fun in the middle, then lost it at the end. The base story was told well and was obviously a high focus (no pun intended) but the details of the story had to be read in the datalog rather than told throughout the world. Also, some of the characters seemed a bit weird (namely Hope) and the lack of proper side-quests really hindered the overall experience. Combat was fun, but overall it was a dissappointment.

1. my first experience was with FF VI, a goregeus game, the character, story, everything was great. then i became in love with the best series in the world Final Fantasy, Then i went to play FF tactics, the game is good but i wouldn't play it again.

2. I got FF 1,2 and 4 in gba and they were great, i wouldn't put the 1 and 2 in the best FF games but they were great. The 4 otherwise was trully a masterpiece, what i really like the most is the story.

3. FF X is one of my favorite games, the story was very good, the characters were great (but sometimes i wanted to press the mute button when Tidus talked) and one of my favorite soundtrack. FF X-2 was entertaining, it was not the best but i can't complain. FF XII, the characters and story wasn't very memorable compare to other FF games( i only like balthier and Fran) but there was a LOT of sidequest so i guess that's why i like it.

4. I haven't  finish FF VII and VIII, college is really taking all my time.