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Some of you guys are missing the point these games are for the casuals. period.  wll they be quality???? probably not. but most of those Wii games arent either. Im a Sony fan but I give props to MS for being so ballsy with their Kinect. there not beating around bush, look at the money their spending on marketing there pretty much saying "hey put away your Wiis and Moves and play our thing instead, its much cooler!!!" their going right for the casuals, no cloak&dagger with them. This aint catered to the core gamer MS has them already, im willing to bet most XBOX360 fans will get it JUST because they love giving MS their money, no matter how the end product will turn out. im not even a MS fan, but I have to say bravo MS, bravo I think you have a hit. seriously

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Scoobes said:

These games won't appeal to most here anyway, but at least a few titles will sell very well. I get the feeling Kinectimals will sell well to the kids/parents, Dance Central, Harry Potter and some of the Kinect franchise games will all sell fairly well, but their seems to be an oversaturation of fitness and sports software. Out of all those sports/fitness titles only a few will really stand out and become hugely successful.

The library will need to expand (into newer genres and more original software) rapidly for long-term success imo.

I think a lot of people forget that.  In many cases the very vocal groups on the Internet are the minorities.  You could get some seriously skewed results with like to sales ratios as evidenced by the level of JRPG fans and COD haters here.  

I can't see myself playing many of those titles but I still think they'll sell well.

Looks lot better than Moves launch lineup.

hahaha that's brutal. If they want Kintect to sell to the 360 audience (AKA guys who play CoD, Halo and Gears) they need to incorporate it into hardcore games, not "sissy" casual games.

@chairman-mao   they dont want it too, they are going straight for Ninty's audience and this is what games they play on that system

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cool8man said:

The only people who think that list is a fail are people who don't know what has been selling on Wii and DS.

Fitness games = Money

Sports mini-games = Money

Dance games = Money

Pet sims = Money



You might note though that the only one of the huge sellers in those genres that isn't made by Ninty is Just Dance, Nintendo seems to have had great success on the casual market but other companies struggle to replicate it.

this is such a fail of a troll thread!!!!!!!!!!!


That Line-Up looks great for casuals, you got to remember that kinect is primarily aiming at the casual market

Based upon sales of similar motion control titles on the Wii I feel like this is a very strong line up of titles for Kinect. Backed by a $500M marketing campaign I believe several of these games will gain traction and catch on with mainstream consumers.


4.14M (3rd party)


3.43M (3rd party)

2.29M (3rd party)

2.22M (3rd party)

2.11M (3rd party)

1.42M (3rd party)

1.41M (3rd party)

.89M (3rd party)

.85M (3rd party)

.79M (3rd party)

.41M .51M  23.9M


Most of these Kinect games won't do as well as their Wii counterparts have, but I think it shows that publishers are putting out games on Kinect that consumers want to play. At the very least you have to admit that Microsoft is making a very strong play to grab the Wii consumer.

It doesn't appeal to you so what? Most of the games don't appeal to me either but that doesn't stop me from seeing the good qualities of many of them. Enlightened people > unenlightened people.


hatmoza said:

Why haven't I even heard of half those games?

I googled/youtubed Fighters Uncaged and I understood why they were kept in the dark ... the games' controls (at least FU) look terrible!

Listen to the comments he makes halfway through the video. I'm not impressed.

Hatmoza, no longer SF fan, but UF fan now???????

tho the lag looks absolutely horrible and the game itself looks horrible, I do see two possible good points with this game

1. THis if done well COULD be a good beat em up....Sengoku Basara style

2. Getting girls to play it :P Look at em bounce lawl

and yea btw OT: I look forward to Dance Central for sho

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