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I was browsing youtube during the time I have between classes, and one of the people I've subscribed to came out with this, I found it hilarious!!


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eventhough I knew what was gonna happen, I still laughed out loud at the intro, had to watch it twice.

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i like the fool who killed himself on his own grenade

I didnt find that funny at all. I didnt know why i just didnt.

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Poor choice of music.

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I completed the game on saturday. it was so rewarding. it was cool to have both Elena and Chloe around at the end.

is this a retarded version of Cities in Dust playing?


and the heck doesn't she say "My friend" part?! , it feels ... weird x_x;

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thats funny, and whats going on with the random knock down from like 5 metres away thats must be lag extreme.

But i have had mega fails

such as rolling an gas tank at 3 people and trying to shoot at it, the gas tank hits a wall, rolls back and i shoot it and blow my self up with the 3 enemies still standing there. extreme epic fail. 

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