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my friend told me about these two sites, where you can earn money that I spend on games!


check them out, It's great extra cash, with them I am easily able to buy 3 or 4 games a month if I wish with this extra cash





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Useing a URL re-router.


Dont make him the money by clicking on the links. 

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werent you banned?

Also, you said you made 800$ over 8 months.

That is 1 game a month. And every other month 2 games. Taxes put the price to over 50$/unit for Wii, and over 60$/unit for PS3.

PSN ID: Kwaad

I fly this flag in victory!

Ya im gunna lock this for now seeing as this looks like a triangle scheme. If im wrong or there is no reason why this should be closed reopen it but as of now its being locked. I dont think this kind of stuff needs to be on a video game forum.