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I bought it today. I played for a few hours and I didn't hate it. but I don't really think I'll get hooked to it, I have difficulties finding motivation if the game doesn't give me.

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So I've added a ton to my castle and made a sweet new lava flow tower, as well as a railway system. Once I figured out how to make railways and boosters I went a little crazy building highways throughout my world. I'll probably make a video soon showing a tour of everything I've built.

Surprisingly I STILL haven't come across a skelly spawners *knock on wood* but I've seen about 10 different zombie and spider ones. I guess the game knows how much I hate the skellies.

Hell Yes, so does all my friends.

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Have not been here in a while. The new Halloween update was awesome and I can't wait till Notch add in SMP!


PS: My Let's play is on 103 now...=) Thats along with 50 Fallout NV ones.