Has Square killed the Final Fantasy franchise??

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I use to love Final Fantasy, from the graphics to the story was some-what beautiful...but now with the  dissapointing FF13 and the abysmal ff14(why did they even use this name) I think they just killed it for me!!

Maybe versus will be good but Im not holding my breath

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It's got some life in it left, that's for sure. But if square keeps forgetting how the first games made fans in the first place and keeps making decisions that makes the old fans go away at the same pace that they are now, things could start to look grim.


no not at all 13 was awesome  man ff fans are hard to please

Yes, they killed it almost 14 years ago.

I agree with you on this one ... FF is now a Zombie thanks to the sqare virus and there doesnt seem to be a cure :S

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We'll see with FF Versus XIII, if it turns out like FFXIII then, yes they have. At least for me. If I want to see the computer take me through extremely linear gameplay, I'll go play Championship Manager or something, thank you very much.

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i just wish they get back to 7-9 kind of gameplay

Well it seems like the series will continue with the rumoured FF13-2. i think it is very dissappointing with what we've had recently, however hopefully Wada will now start looking at Square's second FF production team (not Nomura's team  - hes part of team 1) to really innovate with FF15. i strongly believe that they've always been the more talented team, simply overshadowed because of the success of Kitase's team with FF7.

so i have faith that if they are doing FF15, on their shoulders the series will find success again.

jonager said:

i just wish they get back to 7-9 kind of gameplay

Do you mean turn-based where your guys don't move other when they attack?

No because:

- FFXIII will be the most successfull FF in Europe since FF7

- FFXIII will be the 3rd best selling FF title in america

- FFXIII was recently voted the 3rd best game of all time in Famitsu by readers....so there's many people that see it so high, let alone people who may merely "like" it

So sorry to burst your bubble but they haven't killed Final Fantasy.

Maybe in Japan where the series is in a spiral of declining sales, not in the West though where the series increased in popularity with XIII

XIV doesn't count cus its a MMO.

Another funny thing is we had this thread on weird forums when FF8 came out (I consider FF8 lucky the internet gaming forums weren't so big when it released)....then we had it again with FF10-2....again with FF12....again FF13......now with FF14.

And it still lives, I wonder why.

Clearly fans whining on the internet are in the minority.

The series should continue, we just has the excellent Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII is next and Dissidia 012 looks amazing. And of course Agito XIII which seems to be combining the best of old skool FF and new FF's.

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