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I say within every gen there are two phases

First Phase is where devolopers make there game for the console yet knowing what the console capabilites( i am talking about big games 3+ years development , started 1 year or on the year the console was released, games like COD dont count), there are good games but dont shine on the console.

Second phase is the "golden age" for gaming every gen, its where the best games are released and its a real ride of enjoyment for games, still remember the glory of the PS2 in the last 3 years of its gen 2004-2007, there were some great games showing off real potential (GTA San Andreas for example) and thats what we are going to see over the next 5 years since developers are making squeal to there early gen games, or they are know the capabilities and knew the power of the console and now pushing it to its limits. 

So what to expect from this gens second phase, well we are already seeing some really good games coming out such as portal 2, k3 LBP2, gow3 etc really looking like its going to be really really good games. But i am afaid it will be ruined by several factors:

1. the emergence of Short Yearly games, games like COD which are released every year is making it seems that the market is willing to buy shorter games of big franchises, Publishers could jump on this and grab there big franchises and yearly abuse them (ACB looking like Ubisoft first one) 

2. Online Multiplayer is good enough, Single Player is Still the Core of games,around 50% of xbox's are connected, around the same for PS3 so there is a gaming community that dont play on-line and what we are seeing is shorter and less feature packed single player, co-op experiences so that developers could put in an Multiplayer that is unnecessary. luckly there are games like Deus Ex. but Assassins creed shouldn't have multiplayer, sure co-op really ACB shouldn't exist it should of been apart of the game. 

3. DLC: Its part good and its part Bad, but does the Bad out Weigh the good? DLC is coming so common that nearly all games have it now and its really unnecessary and the bad ends of DLC are really coming are starting to show: first is removal or cutting back disk ready conent to sell to the consumer, Assassins creed two as reference, they removed a chunk of story right in the middle and then later sell it on. content cutting really does ruin games, devlopers should make there game as complete as possible and not cut out parts of it. DLC should be expansions or map packs for online etc not the game cut out and repackaged.

Now its Already Disk loaded Content, thats right content locked on the disk that you need to pay for. This is gaming new low, they can just clearly out there increase the price of the game instead of bullying us my having it there but you need to pay to unlock it. Basically DLC can break games, the Full Experience from an Epic Single player could be gone instead you have an Shorter and skipping story and to later buy the remaining pieces and play it again with the DLC and having an lesser experience because it should of been released on launch. 

hoperly we will see great games in these next years. And not mainstream garbage selling us uncompleted games and loading DLC on us right away. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong