What do you think was the worst console of all time???

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Slimebeast said:

An explanation would be great?


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GhaudePhaede010 said:
Gnizmo said:

WTF, u name me five good thing about the 360?

Microsoft are ripping u off and ur falling for it.

 It has a great library of games, a very good controller, an affordable price, the best online service (you get what you pay for), and updates to make the console better for free. That is mostly a list of irrelevant bonus features though. The one thing that makes it worth-while is that it has a nice library of games that can be played on it.


1) Great library of FPS games. Everything else is fairly weak (even sports games).

 2) Affordable? HAHAHAHAHA!

3) Nintendo and Sony offer free online. If you get what you pay for, then those companies should not offer me anything right? Thought so.

4) Updates are a hassle that should be optional. I really dislike downloadingf patches as it takes too long most of the time.

5) See number 1.


I own seventeen consoles and the worst one I own is the Panasonic REAL 3DO. I mean, WTF @ plugging controller 2 into controller 1?

 The FPS genre is definatly its strongest, and arguablty over represented but that is not all it has to offer. Dead Rising, Blue Dragon, Rock Band, Guitar Hero 3, Oblivion, and more are available and very fun. And yes, it is affordable for a game system. $350 with 2 games (mediocre as they are) is a very nice deal. $280 with a handful of free XBLA games very close to what the Wii costs, and it is the cheapest of the current systems.

 I would debate the rest of your points individually, but there is no need to. You mostly seem to just nitpick why it wouldn't be the best for everyone rather than over all good.  We are quickly approaching the point where it will be hard to label any of the current generation of consoles as the worst ever. They each have good games and certain strengths that they can play to. We have nothing out now that is half as bad as the original N-Gage or Virtual Boy.

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Yeah Sega screw us with the 32x. I think they dropped support for it after about a year.