What do you think was the worst console of all time???

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I wouldn't knock the CDI as the worst just because it was more than just a video game system.

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Didn't Sony have something to do with the CDI?

the virtual Boy was probably the worst console in terms of inherent issue with the console itself, but CD-I takes the cake for worst console in terms of software. Just thinking about what they did to Zelda makes me sick.

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Atari Jaguar, a friend of mine had one...the controller sucked ass!

lol yes but they changed that to a smaller vetsion i just dont like the left analog stick being at the bottom btw gamcube controller was rhe best

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pntsurf1 said:
Didn't Sony have something to do with the CDI?

 no the CDi was all Phillips

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I'd have to go with a three-way tie between the CD-I, the Virtual Boy, and the Pippin. All of them were horrible by design, too expensive, and all three had pretty much no good games.

The Jaguar, 3D0, Sega 32X, and so on at least had a little saving grace in a handful of good games for each.

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playstation 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i love xbox 360 said:
playstation 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i knew that this were going to happen soon, xD


Xbox 360....


it will have to be the 3DO

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