What do you think was the worst console of all time???

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I recently was reading a thread that dealt with the Apple Pippin console and It got me thinking...What do you think is the worst console ever to be released?

 The pippin has to be pretty high on the list and is my vote for the largest dud...But what about the 2nd generation? Which had the market saturated with consoles and price drops. Or even the Atari Jaguar which like the Pippen was fifth generation.

 Oh and I don't mean just sales numbers. Wost video game console can be the lack of third party development, price, whatever. 

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My take is the CD-I !

I dont know because all the consoles and handhelds I own are awsome.



Virtual Boy

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N-Gage or Virtual Boy

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ssj12 said:
Virtual Boy


N-Gage for sure... Just was an awful idea/design!

In terms of console i think it would have to be either the Sega Mega CD or the Dreamcast (really did not enjoy playing on that) :D


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I'm gonna go with the CD-I too. I had the zelda games for it and they sucked. My disc reader broke twice and refused to read the disc I loaded. I seem to recall it had only 1 good game and that was 'Burn Cycle'.

Hmmm ... this is one interestign question . I would say the Gizmondo , because even though its a great gadget , it had basicly no games ... other than that maybe the Virtual Boy or the Atari Jaguar , or even the CD-I as afree-account pointed out ...