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The ability to use the cursor in the XMB without the need of anything but the move controller. I am sure they are probably working on it but its a must have you must be able to use the move's cursor to move around in the XMB menu instead of moving to where your controller is and using that.

Other than that, thats the only problem i had, i hiccup in set-up as it took me ages to get it up and running until i decided to move the camera to below my TV and wah la it works perfect. Really the game shines in Table Tennis, i got my brother's Asian friend in to play some table Tennis and he was spinning and stuff so basically you can do everything 1:1 control prefect display of moves dominances over the Wii (which i sold) were you the main struggle in Wii games isn't the game which are really easy but the controls, you would end up battling the controls instead of the game, but for the move its great no problem. And the Calibration thing isn't a pain, once you know the drill you will have it up and going in a matter of 10-20 seconds max. 

Other than that get the Move and Sport champions and maybe either Tumble or another and wait it out until Time Crisis and killzone3/Socom4 is release where you get the most but Sports Champions is a nice collection of games. 

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no need for a patch when its already capable of doing it already. just hold the trigger n wave ur move controller.

You don't even need to aim the move at the camera to do that, I was toying with it by putting the move behind the camera and it worked, it also works inside the store.

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oh didn't notice, thanks for clearing that up, thats going to save me alot of time. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

try R.U.S.E. and thanks for the info.