Final Fantasy vs13 is a Final Fantasy13 killer

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Final Fantasy vs13 is a Final Fantasy13 killer

Yes 49 39.52%
NO 41 33.06%
Maybe 12 9.68%
FF7 is a FF13 killer 15 12.10%
FF12 is a FF13 killer 7 5.65%

the coming of FF vs13 is nearing and this is the one FF game people have been waiting for.

will it sell more than FF13

will it be better than FF13


my answer is YES to all

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I'll bet it's more emo then FF13...


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it may not sell more than FF13, but by hell it may even be a FF8 killer and this is coming from me!!

it's the future of handheld


The official Vita thread http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=130023&page=1

I voted no. Based on I don't like predicting things are better than something I love... sets me up for dissapointment even if its great.

But things I think about it.

It's Directed by Nomura. I haven't particularly liked the games nomura directed (I like him as a character designer, not so much so far as a director see Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts (but people like this))... but it's written by Nojima... so I'm excited about that.

The artstyle so far, no
The music so far, no
The battle System: If it's like kingdom Hearts or crisis core, and not substantially improved (haven't played BBS so not comparing it to that) then hell no

The mini-games/more freedom (supposedly) hell yes.
World Map. (Don't Care, really not necessary, but doesn't hurt the game)

And No, because even if it is better... it didn't kill FFXIII in any way because it still exists.

This thread is not the pinnacle of useful thinking.

That said, I hope it beats FFXIII in every way... because I want the best game possible. So far, I'm very excited about it. I just hope Nomura's Not being like Moleneux or whatever and saying things that aren't going to be in the game.

looking like it

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It's more a KH3 killer, if you think about it. ;)



In order for x to be a y killer, one of the following must be true.


The existence of y must reduce the current level of sales of x




The existence of y must reduce the future level of sales of x

A single game that has already sold and stopped selling cannot be killed. It is dead. A franchise can be killed, because it is either still selling, or has the potential to still sell. But asking if FFVXIII will kill the FF series seems a bit stupid

doubt it will sell more

it depends, the story of FF13 was not very good imo, i'm not sure if its the same script writer, or if Nomura is personally penning the script. no idea, its possible that because of the world map, airships, etc, it will be better gameplay wise.

but i highly doubt the sales can be better than FF13, i myself wont be picking it up on day one, unless its reviewed really well. and i think there will be many fans who do the same. the only thing is i dont think Versus will be out next year, from what SE has said recently, i think early 2012 is more likely.

it might not sell more, but it will be much better

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