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Which PS3 1st party dev will.....

Naught dog's Uncharted series 85 53.46%
Guerilla games Killzone series 24 15.09%
Santamonica studio's God of war series 10 6.29%
Polyphony digital's Gran turismo series 40 25.16%
Cross-X said:
young7dragon said:


I'm new to this site so be nice to me LOL

Naughty Dog and its Uncharted series?

Uncharted is very good game and I dont owned those game so I think it would be brilliant to make it 3rd game.

Guerilla Games and its Killzone series?

I owned Killzone 2 but not number 1 so that game is really good and to be honest, I think it better than any Halo series!

Santamonica and its God of war series?

Since God of War's hero, Kratos will not gonna be in next game so I hardly to see what they going to make it. I heard the rumour that they going to make chinese myth so will it going to be good game?

Polyphony Digital and its Gran turismo series?

They done so much work for racing game so it gone be good game this year.


I think Naughty Dog look promise to make the game brilliant!

You don't own the Uncharted games?!!!

Hahaha jokes man. Welcome to VGC!!!

Haha... Thank guys.

Dont worry... I will try to get Uncharted games even I played Uncharted 2 demo... Its awesome game! I wanna get number 1 and 2 before number 3 come out!

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YOU know Naughty Dog will take that crown. UC3 is going to blow everyone away when it gets shown.

4-different game genres. Lets just claim each of them the king in their own right.

Polyphony digital and Santamonica are done when it comes to realeasing games this gen i expect nothing more coming from them for the rest of this gen?

so that leaves Guerilla games and Naughty dog!

with Guerilla making a new IP chances are after the untitled game they'll be done for this gen and preparing for the next.

Naughty dog on the other hand. i could see 2 more major releases from them and one just might be jak a daxter?

Naughty dog cuz i love their games. santa monica cuz i love their games in second place. GG cuz i really loved killzone 2 but the lag just made me angry, im third. and even if i know GT games are amazing, ill just leave that at last cuz im not really into realistic racers. cuz i crash. and end up in last place. and it makes me angry >:(   so yeah...