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Agree with pretty much everything posted so far! Let me just add a few...

From my favorite games ever! (Patapon series)

And 3 games from one of my favorite franchises (pixeljunk eden, monsters, and shooter)

I know it's not even out yet but still... (Journey)

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New Castlevania deserve a mention.

arcane_chaos said:
NYANKS said:


Folklore had very good artwork all over the game.  You have to see the lighting and environments in motion.

It has a very unique storyline and premise.  Really interesting and engrossing.

*stands and applauds*

Indeed, this game is overlooked, really worth giving a shot.  Really cool, rather unique I'd say.



Nautilus - FFXIII


Ninokuni (PS3)......yes this is real time gameplay.....both pics.

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Here's some of my favorite looking games (aka I've played them and saw them in action). Not sure which one's the best...

Sonic and Knuckles (Genesis)

Yoshi's Island (SNES)

Bioshock (360/PC)

Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (GameCube)

Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)

Metroid Prime (GameCube)

Any Iga style Castlevania (PS/GBA/DS)

Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii)

Okami (Wii)

Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 (Wii)

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Is it okay if I post more than once? Well too bad.



Garou Mark of the Wolves, the only fighter that *might* have more animation than street fighter 3 plus great art

NiGHTS into Dreams, FLoating Mindmills, Museums the buckle when touched, forest with inexplicable traffic light, and so much more, no other game is as sureal

JOurney of Dreams also looks incredible, shame sega can't make their wii games as much fun to play as they are to look at

Kirby 3, is also incredible looking but relies heavily on interlacing, so it looks awful on anything but a crt tv

Yoshi's island, Metal Slug, Parasol Stars (a bubble bobble sequel you probably haven't had the good fortune to play), sonic 1, Tempest 2000, Star Wars Arcade, Super Street fighter 2 are also among what I consider to be the best looking games I've ever seen

oh yeah x-scape for dsi ware unfortunately good videos are hard to find, if you have a dsi this is worth the 8 dollars, longer than most retail games single player campaigns

oh yes and for everyone's enjoyment one of the most engrossingly terrible looking games ever,

yeah I guess gran turismo 5 looks a bit better , oh and the physics are as screwy as the graphics, you can drive up walls, into space, on water, and other oddities


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well For Me in game engine wise... that means not CG cutscenes, Wipeout HD Fury, Final Fantasy XIII, and TWEWY

If CG's Count, then FFX's Cutscenes... And Pure graphics, Crysis has no comparison. Still.

Final Fantasy XIII


TWEWY OBV has the benefit of not being on PS3

I'm a sucker for scale

lots of great posts here, so i'll post the ones not mentioned (as i don't really know which game looks the best!)

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