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I don't like the new character design at all, but how was Dante ever "badass"?

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ninja theroy will do a great job and to me its already looking awsume

Dante is not an EMO/autistic/thin dude, he is a cocky bad-ass dude. I dont know why is Capcom is doing this. Instead of having more sales, because I suppose that they want the 650k units this franchise can sell in japan plus a lot more units in western territories (that is why the western developer I guess); what they are going to achieve is to not even sell 100k in japan (because they are xenophobic to every american-developed game), and they are going to alienate their current fanbase, (because most, like myself are not going to buy it), so they will depend entirely in new users in the western market whom play mostly Moderwarfar1,2,3; Black OPS, Halo,KZ, etc. What I am saying is that by doing this they are screwing them self and their fanbase.

I am not saying that the game they are making is $h!t, what I am saying is that what they are developing IS NOT A DMC GAME!!!. The should just change the name and create a new franchise, just like CAPCOM did when they were trying to make RE4. The game they were doing was so different to what people expected for a RE game, so they create a new franchise which is Devil May Cry. Weird how things work lol

Ok. Believe it or not, I was impressed by the trailer. it exceeded anything I thought ninja theory was capable of.

however, it was extremely sub-par to anything in the dmc series, even 2. I'm not going to go into too much detail today as I've discussed it far enough already but ill edit this post at a later date to explain why.

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That trailer looked pretty bad.
I really liked Devil May Cry... specially Devil May Cry 3... spent so much time playing it that the clock in the game when you save your progress always said 99:59:59 because it can't go above that. Probably played over 200 hours in DMC3 and 40 to 80 hours in DMC3 Special Edition.

The "devil3" part of my nickname is because of Devil May Cry 3.

They have really destroyed something I liked a lot :(

Screenshots from "DmC"






I really hope they go back to DMC instead of DmC.
I've heard they're going to make a movie based on DmC >_>.

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Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P

God that trailers looked so underwhelming!! And I still hate the new Dante design.

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i liked the old dante, this new version of him is horrible. i hope they realize after this game , doesnt sell what they want, they will go back to the old dante look for devil may cry 5.






man this game still looks like ass. NT still proves that they can't make action gameplay worth a damn. I also find that NT's comments about the style of DMC perfectly paints that they got NO CLUE what the series is about. Dante is completely silly and over-the-top. Guess what? We know that, we like that. Hell, Dante HIMSELF (and everyone BUT NT) knows that. He's aware of his absurdity and embraces it because it's FUN. Dante is a FUN character, he's the John McClane of videogames. He shoots one liners, acts crazy, and is FUN. He's a very likable character. He;s unrealistic as hell, but that's the glory of him. He's not like Kratos who tries to act "grim and gritty" amongst the inherent silliness of just having punched out a Titan the size of a decent chunk of the Alps

Also considering how the cut-scenes develops, and how was the beginning of the first trailer of the game; it looks like Dante in this game is indeed crazy (schizophrenic), because in the beginning they show you how the people see the environment, but later they show you how he sees it (the security camera becomes suddenly a monster). The monsters most likely are cops that are searching for him because he escaped the mental institution. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING!!!