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bought it. Will I be amazed? if not I will destroy you all >_>][

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thelifatree said:

bought it. Will I be amazed. if not I will destroy you all >_>][

Blame Darth first if you don't like it :P

I played it for two more hours the other day, and I reached the halfway point. I was planning on only playing an hour since I have tons of homework to do, but the section where I was at was really entertaining and I just had to keep on playing. Great story progression and some solid boss fights. RPG fans, you definitely need to play this.

i played today for about 30 min, i think im in the last breathe of the game but i have to f*^¨¨*^^ study... game is really awesome.

oh MY GOD!!. i have finally finished the game, ITS AWESOME!!... just got final A, i will get the others in some time

It was an ok game. Nothing special though. It is different I will give it that.

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So i've finished it 4 times now so I could view all the endings and I gotta say wow. If it wasn't for this thread I would never have tried Nier so for that Sir, thank you :)

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/me puts nier in its list of 'potentially good RPG  to buy' list


if you have other hidden gems like that, please share o/

pablogers said:

oh MY GOD!!. i have finally finished the game, ITS AWESOME!!... just got final A, i will get the others in some time

Make sure you watch all the cutscenes again because some of them change during the second run... and there'll also be some new cutscenes to watch so... don't skip anything! :P

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found a sealed copy for $24 shipped on ebay and bought it. Thanks for the heads up Mirson.

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Just finished (speedrun still remaining) the Replicant version, and that was the best game story I've been through in a long time. Music, characters, atmosphere were excellent as well. Even some of the fetch quests fleshed out world and characters nicely.

I didn't get bothered by the graphics frankly, they weren't exceptional but they fit in well, and didn't exactly seem as PS2-worthy as they are being bashed as. Fights might have been a tad too easy at times (and hard mode is, on the other hand, really hard), but it was enjoyable, bosses were fun as well. Overall fights didn't seem like the main part of the game, and I felt similar, just wanting to advance instead of sticking to some weaker weapon and trying to be more technical than necessary.

This game encouraged me to try Drakengard, and it's sad that Cavia is no more. Hopefully the people behind it will find another studio to make games for.