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I've seen this in the shops and thought about buying it but really haven't had anough info on it to consider purchasing it. I may get it in the near future but I need money...

Having said that, it's under £12 on amazon.co.uk (about $19)

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I've been listening to the soundtrack for a few hours now. Excellent. Too bad the few comments there are spoiler contaminated. Do not read.

Shit, just got my job and bought Heavy Rain, thought the next title will be budget Rachet and Clank Future: A Time to Crack, OR Yakuza 3; now Nier seems to be the ultimate antidote to cure the nightmare borefest that was FFXIII (I bought a PS3 for it, the irony!!). Oh gosh, so much great games for PS3, so little money, sob sob.

This thread convinced me to buy the game. Thanks!

Nier is on sale at Amazon.com today

"deal of the day" for video games

$27.99 for both PS3 and X360 version

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thelifatree said:

I guess I'm a Darthsian... :( but really he thinks he has control only I'm controlling him.

I can't say anything other than the Music is excellent.
I plan to pick this up sometime :P, in the next few months.

HERESY!  No one controls darth, and that includes darth!

My fellow Mirsonaries, GamingUnion is giving away signed copies of Nier. It's very easy to enter. Make sure you ask for the 360 version, so you have a better chance to win. I'm certain many are going to ask for the PS3 version.


Bu..But it's from Square-Enix, so it must be bad. How can it be good? That's.. that's impossible!

*head explodes*

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Nier really rocks, i LOVE this game. Seriously, how can reviewers put 5s and even 4s to this gem?.Surprise of the year so far and thanks to this thread to convince me to play it (i had it , but unplayed)

still on the fence about this game, my friend has been bugging me to get this(since I did the same to him with demon souls)