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d21lewis said:

I wrote this poem for Sony:

Oh Sony, you're not bony.

Sony, Sony, like a Pony.

I like butter.  It's not Phony.

Sony, Sony, Sony, Sony.

Sony, baloney, Oni, Joanie.


Fuck yeah.  Sony.


How is this man NOT a Nobel Laureate?  :P   Good job d21.

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i love sony products 

and i have gamed on the playstation majority of my gaming life with my first console i truely played on being PSX

i still remember being around 5-10 (dont know) playing Ape Escape demo from the PS mag for hours and hours despite one level.

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I am the ultimate sony fan because i created the ps1 (at the age of -2) ,ps2 ( at the age of 11) ,ps3 ( at the age of 15) for for free. Later i even purchased them. 

i have proof

Note. Kaz was always there whispering words of encouragement as i was hard at work.



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because I stick stuff inside them..


and I start playing with them..




i got a ps3 in 2007.

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I'm a true sony fan because.....

(I still have) 3 PS1's plus a sealed Net Yaroze and a US development console. With 143 Original (no copies) ps1 games

A PS2 fatty and slim with 120 games (original)

2 ps3's both fatties with 78 games (original)

2 psp's and 1 pspgo 35ish games


And on top of all that sometimes I get my wife to dress up as Kevin Butler!!!

(although my sega collection dwarfs the sony one)

I paid $999.95 AUD ($958 USD in todays money) for a PS3 at launch. I also paid $120 for a game and $100 for a second sixaxis, well technically my mum paid for it. still it too much

I payed 650euro for a Playstation3 in 2007 without thinking twice

Asking everyday for vgchartz adjustments?

SONY and PlayStation are my life.

I'd take a bullet for SONY.

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