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I confess that despite my promises to myself I still buy fifa every year it comes out (never bought the spin off's though).

I don't know why I just can't help myself when it comes to my football. It is the only game I play online and I'm not half bad.

Anyone else have secret game shame.


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I never expected of you to go so low. Dissapear from VGChartz before I ban you!

Above: still the best game of the year.

really no shame to buy FIFA every year, even more when they're so great as the last few ones (look at my sig !)

I always end up buying a nintendo system because of zelda and recently animal crossing.

Even if I don't plan to own any nintendo platform, its been like that since the N64 and gameboy.


That's nothing to be ashamed of, TBH...

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No shame i like playing PES games with friends, even though i never watch FIFA or know most of the players and teams, same with NFL/ MLB and all the other sports games.

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Oh I don't feel too bad now. I've often heard people claim that they are just stealing our money with minor updates in each iteration and while I think they may have been guilty in the past it's not so anymore


I caught all the pokemon. That's pretty shameful.

Sports games are really the only games I would by every year if was into them. Its worth it to have that updated roster list and players. I also feel that there are far more physics involved in sports games and that a year is enough time to improve upon them to be worth it.

pro buying addict here

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