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Next Wednesday(A week from today) Nintendo will be holding their press conference for the year. Nintendo plans to show off the 3.D.S and give details about it...but what else do you want Nintendo to announce? I honestly don't think the 3.D.S is all the conference will be for and some surprises should be announced as well. 

Personally I only want 2 things since the Wii already has an almost perfact lineup for Holiday 2010 to fit my personal wants. Only 2 things are missing:(I don't plan on getting a 3.D.S at this time but we will see)

Vitality Sensor and Pikmin 3!

I have been 1 of the few early supporters of the Vitality Sensor and have big hopes for the device. Move and Kinect are new things for the P.S.3 and 360 owners and I would like something new as well to get people's attention back on the Wii. I trust Nintendo to give a good fight with Vitality Sensor V.S Move V.S Kinect and hope for a Holiday release.

Pikmin 3 has been on my list of announcements that I wanted to see since 2006 and this year is no different. Miyamoto has already confirmed that he wants to get it out A.S.A.P and a September 29th announcement would continue making this Holiday a great one for me(In terms of games on Wii) Even if it doesn't come out in 2010.

What do you personally WANT to see Nintendo announce next week?

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Pikmin 3 would be nice, though the big thing is going to be the 3DS. Having Kid Icarus or the new Paper Mario for launch titles would REALLY help its launch

Pikmin 3 is getting  beyond a joke now

an EU 3DS release date and a sensible price

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Pingu said:

an EU 3DS release date and a sensible price



when will this conference be BTW?

What time I mean.

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I still can't believe we've heard next to nothing about Pikmin 3 yet. I mean, the game is tailor made for Wii controls.

Pingu said:

an EU 3DS release date and a sensible price

Agreed, and I'll add Paper Mario to this. I'd really like it as a launch title. Ocarina of Time would be nice too but I doubt it'll come out soon. It doesn't seem to be anywhere near done.

release dates for 3DS

I'm quite certain the conference will be all about the 3DS and almost nothing else.

If it's this year, then they will also announce the Japan release date for Last Story.

And maybe they will mention the upcoming holiday games (Kirby and DK for Japan and the West, and Wii Party for the West).

What I really really want them to announce (but I doubt they will in this conference) are Xenoblade and Last Story release dates for the West. (Also of course 3DS release dates and pricing in the West, but that I am quite certain that they will, at least the dates).

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