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 Yesterday I got a chance to experience and play Sony's new motion controller for the P.S.3 and me being a Nintendo fan(not a fanboy) I still went in unbiased. I have always been a supporter of Motion controls since the Wii came out in 2006 and when I heard about Move and Kinect I was a bit stand offish since I knew it could effect Wii sales in a bad way but now I am happy that the fun of Motion controls are now being spread to the Microsoft and Sony fanbase. Anyway I went to a friends yesterday and played Sports Champions with them and here is my 1st impression of Move. Move actually works very well and I already knew that it would be more accurate than the Wii Remote before playing but to my surprise Move was even slightly more accurate than the Motion Plus for the Wii. While it seems to be more accurate its only by a little bit in my opinion which makes since that its higher priced. Sports Champions was ok but looked and played similar if not almost identical to W.S.R with some minor new features and less games. With that said just like with W.S.R Sports Champion exclusive games can be very fun. I do part own a P.S.3 and as of now after playing I won't be getting/buying Move any sooner than this Holiday but as more games come out that use Move the more likely I am to get one since it is a nice addition to Motion controls. I will be sticking with the Wii though since I like Nintendo games including the one's that don't use Motion controls since again I am a Nintendo fan but in the end  Sony could be the one with the best Motion controls out of the Wii(motion plus) Move and Kinect.(Even though I have yet to play Kinect) As of now Move doesn't have a strong enough lineup for me to recommend it to anyone including Sony fans but give it a year Move could be a great new thing that everyone should at least consider.

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Yes that is a ver good assessment. I had a very close friend bought it yesterday and I asked him in detail about everything like:

* Controller responsiveness

* Motion tracking precision

* Fun factor

* Number of times to calibrate.

Overall his impressions are very positive and he did note the 1:1 motion tracking in games like the gladiator fight, which seemed to be a blast.

So overall that seems to agree with your impression. I would recommend to PS3 owners though (who do not own a Wii) since playing the few games like Sports Champions, Ecochrome, Tumbe and RE5: Gold will be a lot of fun IMO.

I am going to pick this one as soon as I can


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I agree we will need a few more games but with Mag, Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5 implementation plus coming with Sports Champions the move shouldn't require much investment outside the initial bundle for Sony owners with a decent library of games.

"Sports Champions was ok but looked and played similar if not almost identical to W.S.R with some minor new features and less games."

I think depth detection and gladiator/archery with 2 Moves make it not that similar to W.S.R.. In any case, certainly not almost identical.

Paragraphs please.

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Good analysis.  I just bought the Move the other day and my family and I are having a blast with it.  Sports Champion is great.  And Start the Party is a hoot.  Especially the drawing/painting mini-game.

I agree with much of that except how you feel about it's line up. You'd need to try all of the launch games to know what to recommend.

All I have to say: my time with Sports Champions has left me addicted to Tabble Tennis.


Thanks for the observation.

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I'm so jealous I just order mine today can't wait to play it, I order the Sports Champion bundle and an extra move controller I'll buy the navigator when more games demand it.

i won't be excited until games like Ape Escape / Legend of Zelda / Sorcery releases for Wii and PS3, the games where you adventure, not just mini game-ish, though Time Crisis already making me buy the Move, its coming soon (i'm getting it with the PS3 320GB bundle)

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