GT5 Weather Video in HD!!

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Here it is.


Also new information on the offical GT website.


November cant come soon enough!.. not long now till we have the best racer on PS3 to date.

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Sweet Jesus! That is the best looking game I've seen to date.


I know.. just look at the rain on the windshield.. how it beads off (even side windows) also the way the wipers clear the water from the windshield.. simply stunning!

looks amazing!!! this game deserves a ton of sales


Just... Simply looks amazing. By far the best looking videogame I've ever seen.

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Finally....I got to see it in HD glory...

Excuse me while I go pick up my jaw xD

The rain effects, wipers, snowflakes, everything is almost borderline real. Also, nice touch with the glowing brake discs on the LMPs xD

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Can someone please tell me,if this game will have an easy mode. I suck at racing games and I still want this game. lol

the only thing I hate is the dirt it goes down too fast.

But oh damn this is epic