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All I see is grey boxes sir. lol

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Sony has really gotten lazy if they think they can turn their consoles into gray boxes and still expect people to buy them.

Sorry guys, images fixed.

^Now my post has no meaning and will only confuse people.


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Grey pictures with red X's in the top left corner? That's the new hardware? Day one for me.

wow sony has done it again!

but I still can't see the pics :(

Right click and select open image in new tab. That worked for me on Chrome. I was also able to do that for each picture, refresh the page, and then they all showed up in the thread. I have absolutely no clue why, but it worked.

the new hardware is nothingness , perfect portable !

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I thought this was gonna be about the PSP2 "leak" mention by that MK guy >_<

also can't see anything :p