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I think the point, by a gamer winning, was that more people become interested in games and the sales numbers increase? Quite accurate, but since talking about mainstream, this doesn't mean that people become interested in games the current gamers are interested in. Of course sales go up, but so does the costs. It could lead to a point, where there isn't anymore profitable to make decent games, they have to be franchises outside the gaming scene without decent developing, and hardware manufacturers have to compete with hardware, instead of good games. Until someone decides to bring something new with low development costs and start racing with its software. Well, thats the way i see the future if gaming becomes mainstream. Sony managed to make gaming (more) mainstream with clever advertising of PSX. And now it looks like Wii could do the same thing. Important thing in mainstreaming gaming is to keep dev costs low. Of course more money involved means more expensive games and bigger financial risks, development houses to bankrupt and less room for new developers to enter the market because of high amount of investments required. I agree with oli2, i have played games for 20 years and biggest leap forward was when the processors became powerful enough to run 3D engines and a controller was released what was capable to fully use the new 3D environment. Now Wii looks like its the only "new" console. I was planning that i wouldn'd buy a new console anymore, until i saw in the internet that how Wii can be played.

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That Guy said:
Hus said:

what bashing...

funny how all the wii fans cant handle anyone not likeling the gimmick controller.


Nevermind. Hus. Obviously you don't understand what I'm talking about. I'll follow my own advice and won't bother reading or posting to your threads/posts.


Jeez, he does sound bitter. Reminds me a lot of Washimul actually ;)

Hus - you don't like the controller... fine! That doesn't bother me at all... it also means one more Wii to be sold to someone who DOES like it.

But guess what - you are completely in the wrong here, and ALL the stats agree. Not only do heaps of people like the Wiimote - a LOT more than like (or even touch) normal controllers - this affection is growing at an alarming rate. Everytime someone new buys the Wii, they expose it to more new people - and this affection is growing and growing.

I'll absolutely, 100%, guarantee you this - Sony's only chance is to CATCH the Wii. And they aren't going to do it with a machine that costs 2.5-3 times as much (nice to see them dropping the 20Gig model - the cheaper alternative :P). Wii sales will NOT slow down (anytime soon anyway) - they are continuing to build speed and momentum, and the only thing saving Sony from some *really* embarassing sales figures - is that Nintendo simply can't build enough of the units to satisfy demand. If/once they get that right - look out.

Its been about 6 months since launch, and demand hasn't showed any signs of slowing down... I'll be waiting to see your excuses in another 2, 4, 6... (and so on) months for why the Wii is still selling out.

PS - Im typing all this, because my wife has been hogging the Wii. She discovered the lure fishing game in Zelda... and now I don't have a TV or console to use :P


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"PS - Im typing all this, because my wife has been hogging the Wii. She discovered the lure fishing game in Zelda... and now I don't have a TV or console to use :P"


As i stated before, i am a 15 years player, married for 17 years.

I never succeeded to bring my wife into gaming ... Until Wii !

She has played around 50 hours only to tennis and awaits for fitness games, real tennis simulation (gameplay-wise), etc.

Around me, i have huge amount of "no-gamers colleegues" and friends that are seeking for Wii.