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I think the forum could use a little fun!  Feel free to add signs of being a fanboy but no personal attacks.  Maybe we can give an award to the funniest entries.

I'll kick off a few of my observations:

- You have more than 1 article of clothing with your favorite video game or system on it.

- You've given careful consideration to changing your middle name to be that of your favorite system.

- You've named a child after a video game system or character.

- You have a tattoo of your favorite video game system or character.

- You've dressed up as your favorite video game character.  Major fanboy if you've dressed up as a system.

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you might be a fanboy if...


-your any of these people

That's just sad.

You are a fanboy if you go to the PC after playing your console and talk about your console in a web that tracks the sales of your console for like 2 hours and go back and play with the console for 2 hours more, and repeat this until you have to work or go to school.

Or when you do funny videos like the angry nintnedo nerd or this one:


I forgot to mention clicking refresh every 10 secs.XD

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