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Well, if this isn't just a kick in the ol' keyboard! Seems that Sony's official store, SonyStyle, has taken down any listings of the 20GB PlayStation 3. That's correct, sir, all you see now is the 60GB model. Does this portend a worldwide shunning of the lower-end console, or is it simply being phased out in a different way? As in, available upon personal request, but no longer shipping en masse to stores alongside their 60GB brethren?

Obviously, we don't have an answer, but we do have a little comment. That "lower end" model might become akin to those Beanie Babies way back in the 90's -- as in, the 20GB will become the "rare model" and be more respected. Sure, the chances of that are very slim, but who knows -- perhaps the lack of chrome trim and card readers and wireless internet will somehow turn into a good thing. Make absolutely no sense? Good, then our point is made.

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To tell you the truth i hope they stop making them. I dont know who would pick up the 20 over the 60. Plus Sony is losing so much more money on these then the other one. The only problem is, what will they do with the warehouse full of the PS3 20 GB?


Good idea to drop the 20GB. Profiles/Settings for different games are starting to take up quite a bit of space now. Just like Full Auto 2 Battlelines.

The $100 you save could definitely buy a hard drive larger than 60gb, so if you don't need wifi it seems like a good deal.

the 20gb does not have wifi, chrome trim, and card readers. (USB card readers work)

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