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why rail shooter?.. isnt there about a hundred  on the market already? i thought it looked good at the begining of the trailer but when they showed what it looks like rails it looked like the zapper games that you play at the arcade lol

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leo-j said:

lmao wow the wii version has worse visuals than the psp version.. wtf..

You're surprised by that? I'm not... This is what people mean when they say third parties treat the Wii like crap.


palancas7 said:


"Think of this Ghost Recon as an advance on-rails shooter. There's one set path but you'll have control over when you can advance forward from cover-to-cover."



Now we have "advanced rail shooter"
What was Dead Space again? (I forgot)

Pretty much answers that now don't it, lol.

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zgamer5 said:
LordTheNightKnight said:
zgamer5 said:

the third person shooter idea isnt bad, but the controls and the targeting system looks awful. the guns sound like paint balls funs. moving in the game looks terrible.

ubisoft understood that if they make a quality title theyl loose money because it wont sell, but what they dont understand is that if they make a bad title it wont sell a god damn copy.

No, the quality titles actually sell. And don't tell me Madworld didn't sell, since it's of a dead genre. And don't tell me Extraction was quality, since it only cared about the wow factor, not about being a good game.

im saying that if they have a very high budget then it wont sell enough for them to get profit. and thats why it looks like a low budget game.

Of course that's because GR wasn't that big of a series to begin with (save for the Advanced Warrior games), more than the systems these games are on.

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I hate to say this but the game doesn't look interesting to me at all :(.

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Oh God. Why do developers keep doing this? Rail shooters don't sell much anymore, there are too many already, and it's not that popular of a genre in the first place.

How do you embed on this website?  Anyways, I was going to embed the english version of the trailer but I guess it really doesn't matter.  The more and more I watch the trailer the more I really don't like it.  Oh well I have other games to look forward to in November.

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LordTheNightKnight said:
famousringo said:
LordTheNightKnight said:

No, if you have control over when you move, that makes it the opposite of guided.

Aslo, the PSP version has a much lower polygon count. You can see it in the screenshots. Now the textures on this game don't look spectacular, but if that means they didn't spend as much money on this game, I hope it means they give a slightly lower price to match.

Ah yes. The timing of when the train leaps forward down the tracks. This changes everything.

Ubisoft, you've done it again, you mad geniuses.

How is saying "this isn't guided" means "this will therefore be awesome"? I was just correcting your conclusion, not defending the gameplay.

A train is 'guided' by tracks, even though it follows them at whatever pace it likes. My conclusion didn't need any correction.

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