Mattrick, formerly president of EA’s worldwide studios, says that Microsoft has bounced back from a summer blighted by its admission of widespread Xbox 360 hardware failures, and that the company is primed to rule the market this holiday.

“On a price-per-value basis, I think we win…relative to Sony and Nintendo,” Mattrick told MSNBC.

Of course, I’m biased, given the role that I’m in, but if I really think about it using my consumer instincts and the experience that I’ve had, this is the best blend of performance, price, online and games – by far.”

Mattrick said that the Xbox division was performing in line with expectations and that he expected 2008 to be a successful year, noting that Grand Theft Auto IV could replicate the success of Halo 3 in terms of software sales.

“We’re tracking against our plans…. I think we’re getting to the point of critical mass in terms of the number of hits… There’s a collection of exclusive and third-party hits, and we’re going to have a similar year to what we’ve enjoyed in 2007... We’re excited about Grand Theft Auto IV, not only because it’s a great title, but there’s multi-play and downloadable content that consumers will only be able to get on 360.  That’s a huge win. Arguably that title has the potential to be the ‘Halo’ equivalent in calendar year 2008 in terms of number-one title revenue unit.”

Mattrick also said that he thinks the Xbox 360 has the potential to rival Sony’s PS3 in terms of shelf life. Sony predicts the PS3 will be around for a decade.

“I think it definitely has the potential to have a similar shelf life… We’re at a point now where we’re eight years in, and there are more resources, more third-party support, more retail support and more consumer support. And it’s very probable that this will be a longer life cycle.”