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Brace yourselves now, because we’re about to drop the most exciting news since we discovered Steven Seagal hates being filmed by games jarnalists. Ready? Right, two artists who worked on Uncharted 2 and Flower have teamed up and are currently designing a game inspired by Ico. Be still our beating horns.

Above: <Sniff> God, we're losing the run of ourselves already

Eytan Zana, a concept artist at Naughty Dog, recently revealed art from the project, which he’s working on with Matt Nava (one of the artists from thatgamecompany who made PSN classic Flower). Here’s the pick of some of the incredible work they’ve done so far…

Zana wrote on his blog that he: “Wanted to capture some outskirts, an establishing shot, and some platforming areas." And looking at their work it’s clear to see the influence Ico’s art style as had on the pair.

Above: Haunting, disquieting... damn, we're welling up again

Nava’s company also appears to have quite the crush on Team Ico games in general, if this early shot from its latest title The Journey is anything to go by.

Above: Look familiar?

How about now...

Above: Psssstttt. It looks like Shadow of the Colossus, innit?

It’s not yet clear whether the artists' initial concept drawings will come to anything, but if Naughty Dog and thatgamecompany aren’t working to turn this into a fully fledged title, then we’ll officially stop eating and drinking until they do… or, y’know, we get a bit peckish or parched.

Also, why didn’t we only find this on Google Images this morning?


It’s clearly the single greatest achievement in the history of humanity. Why did no one inform us of its existence earlier?


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That concept art is sweet.

They confirmed that it was just artwork. Nothing more. But it would've been awesome if that was actually artwork for an actual game. 

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loking good and foward to it

So, Ico 2 is coming?  (:

Check us out at the Vindication Gamer Network on Youtube. 

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hasanwhy said:

They confirmed that it was just artwork. Nothing more. But it would've been awesome if that was actually artwork for an actual game. 


I came, I saw, I came.

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Now THIS is something to be excited for!

its just artwork , and its already posted


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i love artists work like this,never disappoints

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