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Halo Reach will have more sales than Left 4 Dead 2.. because Halo Reach is popular, Left 4 Dead.. not so much.

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You're kind of stating the obvious. Halo nation has an install base of like 20 million. Reach will be the best selling game of 2010

Left 4 Dead is pretty popular, done 6 mill across 360/PC each more than likely.


*scratches head* is this a trick question?

LMAO :D good thread bro...but sadly people will miss the point

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lol best thread i have seen all day.

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I'm missing something aren't I.

cura said:

I'm missing something aren't I.

dont worry, you are not alone.

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MrBubbles said:
cura said:

I'm missing something aren't I.

dont worry, you are not alone.

I think it has something to do with another thread comparison involving Halo Reach and another game.

On another note, Gran Turismo looks like it might outsell Modnation Racers. :P Fable 3 will outsell Two Worlds. And New Super Mario Bros. Wii will outsell DKC Returns. Oh...and I have a hunch that Madden might outsell NCAA this year...maybe. :P

Obvious statements are obvious statements, no matter how obvious they are. :P

Edit: Also, L4D2 is actually quite popular. Just because it's not as popular as Halo doesn't really mean it's not popular. x.o