Gran Turismo 5's Amazing Special Editions for EU

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KylieDog said:

What a load of overpriced crap.


The signature edition should be the price of the collectors edition, and the collectors edition has content I've seen just free as a normal games pricing.

The  collector's edition of THE Gran Turismo 5 selling for the same as A normal Need For Speed game that releases yearly?

GT5 by itself already holds extreme value.

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Well if I was rich I would certanly get this ... but I guess I can dream about it :P

Better cars are DLC? Really?

It's like selling better fighters at a fighting game, this is ridiculous.

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Mr Puggsly said:

Ehhh... looks like a bunch of junk to me.

Bonuses for a realistic car game just aren't that exciting.

then why u waste ur time comenting i wonder why u havent been banned yet.

 @flow, they do sell fighter costumes on DLC, reason why i dont support DLC unless something really took time like maps.

this time around they offering also chance to get mercedez... but hell i wont be able to own it