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Capcom's cross-platform MT Framework fully compatible with new handheld

Capcom has said doesn't "expect to see a dramatic rise in costs" for development on the new Nintendo 3DS, thanks its compatibility with the firm's MT Framework development engine.

"By employing our original game development engine the 'MT Framework', we are able to streamline the basic development processes with those for other consoles," it told investors during a recent Q&A. "Thus we don't really expect to see a dramatic rise in costs," it added.

When asked if this meant that the 3DS would become a part of the firm's multiplatform strategy, it said: "The MT Framework is tailored to the unique features of each individual platform, and we upgrade it as needed. The Nintendo 3DS is one of the platforms for which the MT Framework is compatible.

"This doesn't mean that we necessarily adapt a title to each console when we release it; rather the company comprehensively considers all the game elements when choosing which platform to develop the game for.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has previously admitted that development costs for games that fully utilise the 3DS may approach that of Wii games.

In the same Q&A Capcom said neither of its currently announced 3DS games, Super Street Fighter 3D and Resident Evil Revelations, are expected to be released before April next year.

source computerandvideogames.com

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No 3DS for me before April then.


This is good news.

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its full potential won't take 10 years to realize? Aww...

The secret sauce is probably the integrated OpenGL support.

Nintendo will probably try to offer OpenGL support in their next console, since it's clear that almost none of the third parties are interested in learning how to effectively utilize esoteric hardware. At least, not if it's made by Nintendo.

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No dramatic cost rise compared to what? Ds? Wii? PS3?

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I knew 3d itself didn't raise prices that much, but I'm suprised that the graphical jump from DS to 3DS hasn't pushed up dev costs as much as I thought

I can't wait to play Super Street Fighter and Resident Evil in 3D.


Azreal said:

No dramatic cost rise compared to what? Ds? Wii? PS3?

not sure, but iwata said that games that made full use of the system would cost about the same as a wii game.

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BoneArk said:

I can't wait to play Super Street Fighter and Resident Evil in 3D.