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I like the add-on, and I've played a fair few games with it, but I've always maintained that a pursuit for true 1:1 control by all gaming companies is utterly futile. Player skill prohibits it too much, so we must instead settle for something incredibly close to 1:1 to truly enjoy it. For example, if somebody released a tennis game with true 1:1 control that was exactly like real tennis, how the hell would anyone get any good at it in a short space of time? Tennis takes years to master, I don't want to spend that long trying to get good at a game, as I'd get bored after a week at the most. It'd be the same for many types of games in many types of genres as well, and the market for sequels would disappear instantly (so EA would say goodbye to the money spinning annual updates of their sports franchises). So gaming companies can talk up the pursuit for 'true 1:1' control with their 'my 1:1 control is better than your 1:1 control' nonsense, but the reality of the situation will be something completely different.

Oh, and I picked up Red Steel 2 with the motionplus for £1 less than the standalone game was at the time, but I don't expect little bits of info like that to be registered by those obstreperous and belligerent types...


Support's been awful to be honest.  3rd parties being asleep at the wheel I can understand, that pretty much typifies them this gen, but WTF is up with Nintendo?  We should've had both FlingSmash and Reginliev by now, in all markets.  Why the hell isn't Genius Sonority doing DQ Swords 2?  Where's my 1:1 Project HAMMER NST?

when i first heard of it i thought itd be essential

shockingly i dont have it tho, and havent felt i needed it yet

all i played this year has been sh:sm, monster hunter tri, madworld, nmh2, and cod mwr

and i havent noticed the lack of it.


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Support for WiiMotionPlus is similar to that of the BalanceBoard, somewhat lacking. But what you expect? Just have fun with it with WiiSportResort and WiiFit respectively.

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The equivelents of Flingsmash and the like should have been coming out at the end of last year, not in 2010.

Very few games support it, and most of them are sport or casual games. I'm not missing out on anything, glad i didn't buy it.