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The only smoke at the hookah bars.

I can't stand cigarettes. Unfortunately, weed is illegal so I choose not to dabble in that anymore.

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i used to smoke pack of  Holidays

but i quit smoking months ago

I only smoke when I'm doing other things, so a pack of cigarettes will literally last me months. I prefer Camel Crushes. They're like bubble wrap and cigarettes all in one.







I plan on buying a sweet Sherlock Holmes pipe when I get some extra money.

As for other things, hookahs are great when I get the chance. I used to own one. Not sure where it ended up though.

Weed used to be good until it started giving me bad anxiety. Haven't consistently smoked it in years.

I've done Salvia probably between 10-20 times, including 20x extract. It's not really the type of thing you smoke habitually. I haven't done any in a long time and don't really have any desire to.

Annnd finally I've smoked opium twice. Just a little.



*edit*  That's in response to the original question


Sweet, sweet Ganja !!! I smoke before my rugby games...

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i dont smoke...but i sometimes like to inject myself with needles i find in abandoned buildings.

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superchunk said:

Nothing, that's just stupid and gross.



I don't smoke since cigarets are over 8 euro a packet here.

Cigars, Shisha and .... ; )

Brisket and spare ribs, mainly.