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TRios_Zen said:
kitler53 said:

sigh, a great interview and no one is going to watch it. 

I don't like HHG as I believe he's prone to hyperbole and I percieve him to be a pretty dedicated Playstation fan (and therefore I feel his interviews are not, bias-free).

After watching this interview, my opinion on HHG has not changed.  Additionally, while it's nice to see a Sony employee lauding thier own tech (and mitigating the strengths of thier competition), this is hardly surprising or unexpected right?

Normally I would agree with you, but Anton did everything he could to remain fair and honest. In the end, he did a very good job at promoting his own product without bashing the competition. He even said the concept behind Kinect is excellent, and that he would like microsoft to success in making it work correctly with the current technology. Not in those words, but thats what he meant.