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Still working on the campaign, I've been weaving it between multiplayer games (3v3, a few 4v4). Much better than I expected, good enough for me to enjoy, which is nice since I'm normally hard to please for single player. Taking me a while to finish it in Brutal, but I'll be rocking that Kerrigan pic soon enough...

Placed platinum after 5 matches with friends for 4v4, but our first game we played we got totally owned. The bracket is ridiculous, the strategies used seem a bit silly, not to mention the unbearable lag in the late game

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If anyone wants to add me, same nick on there as here "tanstalas"  Though like most of you I am doing campaign first, and I'm only doing a couple levels a day :P

Unicorns ARE real - They are just fat, grey and called Rhinos

If anyone would likw to add me my character name is "Mike" and my character code is 783.

I'm pretty much done with the campaign for a while now, I may try it brutal soon.


Patch 1.0.1 is up!


FaRmLaNd said:

Nearly finished the campaign. Then its off to battle.net to lose a thousand games in a row!

As soon as I beat it I'll be loosing right there with you

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Man, you guys weren't joking about the install times.

And now it's taking forever for the patch to update.  :-/

That weard i lost my post any way i go by jski4 add me if you wish i kind of sux at the game but i am trying to get better. I play as tartens but i been thinking about going zurg.

Smash ID: Jski - 0559-6620-9873

Add me if you wish but PM me if you do.

Got the Kerrigan portrait last night, brutal campaign finished! That last mission is pretty nasty, especially if you spent your credits on useless crap like infantry (fucked up there)

Not really a fan of the ending, oh well. Time to play more...

The campaign... is so lackluster I don't even know where to begin... Q.Q