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Move seems really good in comparison to the wii. Too different to connect to compare.

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woah, this thread gettin a little out of hand...


See, this is the problem with me reading this kind of threads - it awakes the sleeping fanboy inside of me. When I see someone taking advantage of a Christmas 360 bundle that included two multiplatform games that really aren't worthy of buying in a completely sad and biased attempt to respond at Sony's comparision chart that is nothing less than a good idea to show to the casual consumer that the 360 WAS sold in pieces (they gave you a headset that's useless unless you either own End War or if you go spend 100$ on a Wi-fi and 50$ on Live in order to play Online games), I get frustrated. No idea why...

Oh, and buttons are important lol

arcane_chaos said:

woah, this thread gettin a little out of hand...


M.U.G.E.N said:

Lol at ppl arguing sony started this...was what sony did way back lame and stupid? yeah totally...

After an year or so with the end of chart wars about consoles, did MS start this new one about motion control? yes

SO are they being trolls and pathetic themselves? yes absolutely

man some people act as if MS did no wrong here :S quite sad really...

Eitherway this is fun PR stuff, all who are butt hurt, chill, take a seat and enjoy the show, not like these guys pay ya to argue non stop like this (that goes for all sides Ninty included)

QTF, We are finally seeing the hypocrisy of the Xbox ppl, before when Sony did it there was so much hate and cursing now MS does the same stupidity and they quickly come to defend almighty MS.....


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Sometimes I have to just come into these threads to enjoy the show.


The sad matter is, that the executives for Sony, MS, and Ninty don't view the corporations as embodiments of good and evil like the console fanboys do.  They just realize they are all after the same thing - some cash in hand.


Earlier this generation, I was much more swayed by all the fanboyism.  But maybe after starting my MBA program, I realized how stupid all of this emotional stuff over corporations are.  I still have my biases because I like certain companies' offerings more than others.


Seriously, getting wound up in what these companies say about each other is just plain stupid.  You should care more about their actions and what they do for you as a consumer than what they say about the company that you all believe graced by the 100% purity from god himself (not that I believe in him/her, but that's a different topic).

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was this supposed to be a serious chart or were they just saying stupid things trying to be funny?  a stupid chart would be good...but i didnt really find this one all that amusing because it comes off as them trying to be serious.

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In the end I only care about the games... 

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twesterm said:
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Jay520 said:

You gotta admit some of the categories (Buttons, wireless, secondary controller, Rechargeable batteries) are unfair given that Kinect isn't a controller to begin with. 

yep but MS started this BS and they weren't exactly 'factual either...I'm shocked SOny didn't use the couch, max 2 players, dress code etc for this..in a hurry or waiting to use it later on in a proper ad? most probably

Either way PR battles are FUN!

people are forgetting fast.


official Sony press release, January 2009

Microsoft really should have used the chart I made for them in response.

Wers Wi-fi?

That is not required for gaming so therefore doesn't belong in my chart.  It's just not important.

If wi-fi is not required then why is the Bluetooth headset there?  Wi-fi is WAYYYY more important than a Bluetooth headset.  What's the point of having a bluetooth headset if you have no Wi-fi?  Your gonna spend money to talk to yourself like an idiot?  Anybody can do that without wasting a cent.  And why are those crappy ass games there?  Ohh and the ethernet cable is not required for gaming.

LOL  they could have at least writted not applicable at some features instead of no... I guess they were mad of yesterday charts, but that no excuse, its still not fair to say no where its simply not applicable (like the battery).