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360 Slim is doing AMAZING but I don't think it will last that long and it looks like at least 120K of those sales were from old 360 owners. It will die down in Others but in America it should continue to sell decent for a while. Wii and P.S.3 are close but either could take a good lead over the other when games start coming out again.

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ProdigyBam said:
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Maynard_Tool said:

so NOW people are worrying about profit instead of units sold

the defence will shift to wherever it suits.

unfortunately, for them, MS will announce HUGE proifts in 3 days time too.


PS3 haz no gamez >>>>PS3 don't sellz well>>>>>>PS3 not making profit>>>>>? whats next? =p

BTW how do I add smiles?

But MS IS making a profit and IS selling lots of consoles. 

and HAS no games (in comparison to PS3)

All liars are friars!

im used to seeing the 360 being in the mid to last part of the sales charts but i was surprised to see it on top and beating the wii and ps3 by that much. its not really impressive when the uk is like america for the 360 and it had 2-3 weeks of more hype and pre ordering (double ps3)

Were people downplaying the PS3 Slim sales like this when it launched?

well deserved,

then, Arcade 360S will arrive

then, Halo Reach

Then COD

then Holiday Kinect bundle(s)

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Darth Tigris said:

Were people downplaying the PS3 Slim sales like this when it launched?

I doubt it, seeing as the PS3 had an acceptable failure rate around that time.


Really good sales for the 360 S, wonder how long it will last.

You know what is interesting is how many people with a 360 are buying the new unit. I do not understand the appeal of the new 360s outside of it apparently fixing RROD and wifi. Yet as we see here many many 360 owners apparently do. Now why do I say it is previous owners? Well consider that the 360 saw a 400% hardware increase this month it also saw a 7% software decline. Now can you honestly tell me that all these new owners did not buy a game? I doubt it so I ask previous owners who made the switch what did it for you?

DirtyP2002 said:

Nope. I have to disagree here.

The results on 22nd won't be that great. The Xbox 360 slim cost a lot of money to distribute. Sony had the same stuff with the PS3 slim. They said that the distribution cost a lot of money. And of course the fisal year MS is reporting ends 30th June. So no Xbox 360 Slim stuff from Europe. Of course the fail of the Kin will ruin the numbers as well.

There was only one first party game released for the Xbox 360 and that was Alan Wake with undeserved low sales. Software sales. Other than that we had Splinter Cell Conviction and RDR on the software side.

I don't even expect great shipments of new consoles. Of course hell will break lose, because people will fail to understand that there were a VERY limited amount of consoles shipped right before the Slim launch.

SO this Q4 will be quiet. Q1 2011 will be pretty big with hardware shipments (Slim release) and software wise (Halo Reach). Q2 2011 will be HUGE software and hardware wise (CoD Black Ops, Fable III, Kinect Sports, Dance Central) and hardware wise (Kinect, holiday boost).

OK so why does a 360 S cost more to distribute vs a 360 Elite?  If the consoles shipped in June then they will be included in the results.  Certainly the July 16th Europe sales were consoles shipped bu June 30th.

As for PS3 vs 360 profits. Please the 360 has been selling at a profit for 3 years now.  Since the November 2005 release the 2 main SKUs (with and without HDD) have dropped a total of $100 each (not counting when SKUs are cleared with a price break).  The PS3 has dropped $300 and that is why the 360 has sold for a profit for the past 3 years and the PS3 is just now selling for a small profit. 

As for 360 S R&D. Those costs will not show up in the 4th qtr report this Thursday. The R&D costs have certainly been absorbed over the last couple of years.  We have known for awhile that a combine CPU/GPU has been in process for a couple of years.  Its not like in March the 360 team said hey lets put togther a smaller, quieter, cooler 360 and lets get it done for summer release. 

Its libraries that sell systems not a single game.

Good stuff..Many people disliked Xbox 360 because of its hardware failures, so new model will do great on market.



Take my love, take my land..

Darth Tigris said:

Were people downplaying the PS3 Slim sales like this when it launched?



The reality of the situation: this stuff happens on all sides of the fence. Best to ignore it or you'll drive yourself crazy.