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Now this isn't something we see too much of in video games, but occasionally erotic elements do arise. Over all the years you've been a part of gaming, what have been some of the most sexy video games (or just games with sexy elements) you've ever played?

I vote FF7 as mine because of Tifa's jaw dropping endowment. Square was quite daring back in the day, too bad they've become so timid.

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Oh god not another one of these posts, why are almost all your topics about eroticism?

custers revenge......

--OkeyDokey-- said:
custers revenge......

 You played that? o.O

This thread need pics!


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I believe it was called Valkyrie Wild even though it never got released.

Tifa had huge sweater puppies, but Midna from Twilight Princess has that super exotic look that's drool worthy. That and all she wears is a robe.

Though just having hot chicks doesn't make something erotic. I haven't played it but Mass Effect is the only game I know of that has any elements of true eroticism.

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gebx said:

This thread need pics!


man when williams and sheppard get it on


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