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If I had it my way they would release 2-d versions in between the 3-d ones. New super mario showed their is a market for it.

They should revisit all of their classics in 2-d and use some beautiful artistic style and graphics that the new consoles allow for, but keep the controls the same as the classics. Maybe drop it on WiiWare or something.

A newer more beautiful Super Metroid would put me in heaven.

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You're wrong, Alex! Sunshine is the 1st best 3D platformer of all-time, not the 3rd. Sunshine was a great, great game!

I wish Nintendo would release at least another Mario platformer for the Wii before their next home console....1 game every 5 years is too much time....in the NES

I wish Nintendo would release at least another Mario platformer for the Wii before their next home console....1 game every 5 years is too much time....in the NES days,they released 3 Mario platformers.....from the SNES days (not really including Yoshi´s Island...) till today,only 1 per generation.

RCTjunkie said:
Well, Galaxy has been raleased a few weeks ago, and, unlike Sunshine, had been praised by critics & players alike. So what's next for the italian plumber in platforming? It's going to be hard to top Galaxy...

It was hard to top Super Mario Bros. 3.  Nintendo did it anyway.

Nintendo is good at what it does.  Have faith.

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The next Iterations of Mario will actually be a 3D revamping of Mario bros 3 and Super Mario World. The overworld nature (where you can select which level to play) will come across much like LoZ's Ocarina of Time, or in the more restrictive case of Mario Bros 3, will play out much like Twilight Princess. Each individual world however will play out much like the paintings in Mario 64
To add to the difficulty of the game, enemies that hit mario while he is in one of his suits will be able to knock his power away from him and steal it, creating tanuki goombas that can turn to stone and Hammer bros Koopas with harder shells, but this will be a feature that can be exploited as well, such as placing the stone goomba on a switch to keep it activated, and using the Hammer Koopa's harder shell to surf into blocks that wouldn't be able to be broken with a normal koopa shell.

This game will also bring back mini mario, as mario will only have 3 iterations of life(just as in Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World) Mini mario will be able to jump just as high as mario, adn even fit into places regular mario can't, but will lack teh fighting ability that regular mario has.
In order to counter the harsh difficulty of only having 3 segments of life, instead of mushrooms only coming from boxes, they will be able to be found scattered all over various levels. Super mushrooms (allowing mario to go into GIANT mario mode) will be the mushrooms that come from blocks.
Along with this, Mario will be able to find be able to find a satchel for carrying numerous items around in the overworld(like in mario Bros 3), as well as a plumber's toolbelt that can be used to carry a select number of items with him through the individual levels(like in Super Mario World, except allowing for upgrades to carry more items)

Essentially, the storyline will start out with mario bros 3, where Bowser has kidnapped princess, and has his kids transforming the various kings. After beating bowser the first time you will have the cutscene where they all go out to yoshi's island to celebrate, upon which Bowser captures her yet again and the game then continues, following the Super Mario World storyline.

Yeah, I put way too much thought into this type of stuff.

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Deviation59 said:
There might not be another Mario platformer until the next generation, unless Nintendo breaks with what they did on the N64 and the Gamecube. Maybe New Super Mario Bros. 2 will come out for the DS next?
I have been waiting for New Super Mario Bros 2 since I finished New Super Mario Bros.  Want a part 2 based on SuperMario Bros 3 the way New Super Mario Bros was based on Super Mario Bros.  So effectively it should have the ability to fly (but not necessarily as a racoon) and special suits (but not necessarily frog suit and hammer bros suit).  After that I want a New Super Mario Bros 3 based on Super Mario World with Yoshi in it.  I can only hope and dream. 


Galaki said:

You didn't even bother to break any blocks.  I think you missed out on a 1up.

the next mario will be in 4d and he will be future-proof.

not every game has to be earth shattering, SMG is a good thing... why not have more of it!!! Works for the Halo series.... SMG2 !!!!

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