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kitler53 said:
JaggedSac said:

A person missing arms might not be able to use Kinect?  How is that a potential Kinect hiccup?  Can a person missing arms play with a controller?

fair enough.  missing leg?

If they don't have a prosthetic leg, they probably shouldn't be trying to dance and run track.

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d21lewis said:

I guess I'll have to dress appropriately, too.  Kinect probably wasn't designed with three legged people in mind.

If you wear "skirts" as short as Zap, you'll be okay.

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Male 360 owners should be anything but happy! Now there's an excuse to tell chicks to wear mini skirts. In fact, I would tell them not to wear jeans or shorts cuz it can't detect them just for fun and kicks.

NiKKoM said:

So what about fat people? can they play with Kinect?

I mean no dodgeball can pass her....

You see that face? She heard you and now thinks that her and her lopsided camel toe will have to exercise.

I hope you're happy!

Sounds like there's a bit of merit behind this one, which is good, as i'm rather tired of all the "Kinect can't detect this!" conspiracy theories.


Though the Natal being racist one was rather amusing, for the sheer pointlessness of it

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Furries are gonna be pissed.  All the furries I know were looking forward to playing Kinect dressed as squirrels.  MS just lost a couple hundred potential  buyers.

It was already reported that Kinect does not work well with baggy pants etc., and the same of course applies to skirts etc. Sitting is a similar problem.

But even though I can clearly see the problem (baggy pants, long skirts, sitting etc. make it hard or even impossible to detect the precise position of the skeleton), I don't quite see why Kinect doesn't simply use an incomplete representation of the skeleton in such cases. That way, at least in games where your legs are not needed you could sit and wear anything you like.

As has been stated, this won't be an obsticle in prolonged periods of play, because if you are going to excersize, you want to be dressed appropriately, the issue will be in introduction.

A friend comes over and you say "hey try out this game I just... oh nevermind..." This type of marketing is huge for motion gaming. Skirts and suit jackets will not serious hamper it, but if there more conciderations then there is a problem.

One more thing: it sure would be nice for some developers to accomidate people missing one or both arms. Just because the standard control system isn't tailored for them, shouldn't mean a control system that could allow them to "jump in" should ignore them.

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But the question I have is will a short person be able to jump a hurdle in Kinect Sports?

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